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Burl Wood 1/12 Scale Clock c1760

Neil Bateson (1999 No1)

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Estate Sale 

Late Winter 2023

Thrilled to have hosted my BIGGEST mini estate sale (ever!) filled with a treasure trove of miniatures from the estate of west coast collector Yvonne Farley. 

Ms. Farley was an active member of the miniatures community during the 1990s and early 2000s before her passing in 2015.  She curated an extensive collection of treasures in a broad range of categories, themes and scales which filled her home and fueled her passion for the tiny! I'm was honored to usher her treasures to new homes where they'll be as cherished and lovingly adored!

This was a large collection with over 350 lots; The sale extend over several weeks and included miniatures from various categories, artisan and quality manufactured.

Fine Furniture
Copper, Silver & Metal