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Estate Sale 

Starts January 22, 2023 5pm ET 

Thrilled to be hosting my BIGGEST mini estate sale (ever!) filled with a treasure trove of miniatures from the estate of west coast collector Yvonne Farley starting on Sunday, January 22, 2023 at 5pm ET on my eBay site here and Preview the sale by category below.

Ms. Farley was an active member of the miniatures community during the 1990s and early 2000s before her passing in 2015.  She curated an extensive collection of treasures in a broad range of categories, themes and scales which filled her home and fueled her passion for the tiny! I'm excited to usher her treasures to new homes where they'll be as cherished and lovingly adored!

This is a large collection with over 350 lots; The sale will extend over several weeks (through early February) with about 150 lots posted per week.  The auction lot postings will be staggered slightly over a 3 hour period at the start of each auction to allow for greater participation and competitive bidding. Each of the 4 (7 day) auctions will start at 5pm ET on Sunday January 22, Thursday January 26,  Sunday January 29 and Thursday February 2.  Check in often to watch and shop the sale and to get in on the excitement!


In the meantime, take a glance at the preview below of just a few of the miniatures offered from each category. This preview will be updated throughout the selling period. Each 7-day auction will feature items from each of the categories below to maximize the fun!

Fine Furniture
Copper, Silver & Metal