Miniatures & Gardening ... A Delightful Merge

A very popular subset in the miniatures world is scale gardens/conservatories. One of my all time favorite artitsts is Lady Jane who does absolutely stunning garden scenes. Funny, the same holds true for the category of Gardening (full size!) and interest in creating real gardens and scenes in miniature using live plants and flowers. Each year, the city of Philadelphia host the world’s oldest and largest indoor flower show presented by the Philadelphia Horticultural Society. The PHS hosts over 265,000 horticultural and flower enthusiasts and features large scale gardens ranging from elaborate landscaped displays to garden club and individual entries of a prized horticultural specimens The

Six Miniaturists to Follow Right Now

There is talent, and then there's TALENT! Over the course of time I spent initially setting up my new shop, I really wanted to make sure I searched out a broad range of interesting, high-quality, super-artistic miniatures for my customers by artists who are super-talented. These artists are from all across the globe and not just in the United States since talent has no boundaries. Here is a short list of some of those artist I encourage you to look into, if you don't know who they are already and follow them either on social media or through the various shows produced around the world. I'm excited to say I have work from some of these artists available for sale in my shop and invite you

Vintage Roombox in Miniature

There is a special place in my heart for vintage roomboxes. I found this one in particular on one of my absolute favorite sites called 1st Dibs ( which sells a fantastic selection of art and antiques including old dollhouses and other decorative objects in miniature. This roombox is from the 19th century and built in the Netherlands. It features an exceptionally delightful kitchen scene with a copper tea pot, a gold-framed landscape painting and what looks like a brass bed warmer hanging from the side wall! I also really love the warm blues and greens this artist used as well as the black and white checkered flooring. I just look at these pieces and think about how much l

The Thorne Room Collection

OK, so probably the most incredible array of fine miniatures ever presented in. the. world. are the Thorne Rooms which are a collection of rooms, or roomboxes, featured at the Art Institite of Chicago. They were conceptualized and commissioned by Mrs. James Ward in the 1930's and 1940's and created to depict rooms of specific eras throughout history in 1/12th scale. If you ever get the chance to visit Chicago, it is an amazing treat to see these stunning works of art, design, architecture and history. I was particularly inspired by the Thorne Rooms when deciding to open my shop because, like the exhibit in Chicago, I really wanted to bring these precious tiny treasures to life and present

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