I LOVE Miniatures Now What?


Miniatures have charmed and delighted adults and children alike for centuries and have been a part of our lives since the beginning of civilization.  In fact, the pharaohs in Egypt were buried with replicas of full size items and structures they had owned.  Miniatures have universal appeal to adults and children of all ages!


In the post-renaissance era, the Dutch popularized miniatures by building "cabinet houses," also referred to as "Baby Houses" which were filled with tiny treasures designed to impress as well as delight family members and guests.


Today, some enthusiasts dedicate entire rooms in their homes and fill them with miniature marvels from commercial offerings to intricately detailed works of fine art.


Whether you are a collector - or budding collector - enthusiast, hobbiest or admirer, there are many ways to bring the joy of minatures into your life.