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International Guild of Miniature Artisans/IGMA


IGMA., the International Guild of Miniature Artisans is the largest and most respected organization in the world dedicated to promoting fine miniatures as an art form.   The Guild is focused on creating awareness of miniatures via education, shows and public outrach.  


The Guild School is the annual miniature pilgrimage to Castine Maine, where many enthusiasts gather for one week during the summer for class and community.   The annual IGMA Show, held in Teaneck, New Jersey brings together IGMA artisans from all over the world to display and sell their wares among collectors, miniaturists and their admirers.  


Finally, IGMA partners with museums and galleries around the world to showcase miniature works from artisans, to share the joy of miniatures and to solidfy the establishment of miniatures as a decorative art form.

The Guild School 2015


Guild School in 2015 was another amazing week filled with fun and learning! Over 200 enthusaists from over a dozen different countries gathered in the ideallic New England coastal town setting of Castine, Maine to be around what we love most: minatures!

Photo: IGMA

Photo: IGMA

Photo: IGMA

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