Brooke Rothshank and Justin Rothshank 

More Than a Little Unrest

(3 Miniature Pots) 1 ½” tall and 2 ½” wide

Scale: Nonspecific

Media: Pottery and Painting  

Materials: Red earthenware with underglaze color 



Red earthenware with underglaze color.  Imagery from the painting was used to make miniature details for the pots.



“With so much turbulence and pain in our world there are many reasons for people to stand up and insist their voices be heard. I have been impressed with the children and teens that refuse to stay quiet about recent gun safety. Equality, caring for our world, and embracing our diversity seems to come more easily for children.”


$75 per pot (framed illustraton sold seperately)


Packing, shipping, handling and insurance applied seperately.


Brook and Justin Rothshank | More Than a Little Unrest