C+C Mini Factory | Ceremony (Diptych)

Piece 1:  18.75” x 21.75” (Single Dinosaur)

Piece 2:  24.75” x 18.75”  (Collection of Dinosaurs)

(LIMITED EDITION: only one will ever be produced!)


Scale: 1:10

Media: Photography



We make mixed media installations featuring miniatures and photograph them. 



“C+C Mini Factory is the work of Brooklyn-based artists Chelsea Cates and Quinn Metal Corbin. Chelsea and Quinn place miniatures in fanciful and otherworldly environments and photograph the outcome. C+C Mini Factory’s photography is nostalgic, theatrical, sometimes absurd and always playful.”


$750 (Pair of a Framed Photographs)


Additional shipping and handling charges wll apply.

C+C Mini Factory | Ceremony