Cassie Leigh | Vaudou a l’esprit

6.5” x 7” x 5.5”

Scale: 1:12

Media: Diorama

Materials: Mixed



“Everything involved my piece is handmade, I started with the skull which is made in a papier mache style of sculpting. During drying times, I created the inner pieces from polymer clay, wood, and other materials. Once all of the components were complete I assembled it in a manor fitting a hidden Louisiana voodoo room”



“Dollhouses have largely been idealistic representations of safe and organized living to be viewed by friends and family. On the opposite end of the spectrum, voodoo practice continues to be very secretive and can be dangerous and messy in the pursuit of the intended outcome. The use of a skull rather than traditional walls of a diorama alters the idea of comfort in knowing what to expect on the inside.”




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Cassie Leigh | Vaudou a l’esprit