Corinne Tryon | Tiny Crash

10.25”w x 10.25” h x 13” deep (with car)

Scale: 1:24

Media: Diorama

Materials:  Foam core, balsawood, apoxy clay, acrylic paint, paper, grass flock, LED lights and pre-mixed stucco patch



Since this is my first ever handmade miniature piece, there was definitely a lot of trial and error. The base is foam core with paper on the interior walls to represent either paint or wallpaper and the outside is all pre-mixed stucco patch. All pieces are either balsawood, clay or paper and each are made with lots of love and care!



“My piece seeks to underscore and examine the contrast of something commonly attributed as ‘cute’ and something seen as “seedy” and sad (crime, drug abuse) in an attempt to determine where these definitions commingle or blur together when miniaturized. Does crime now become cute? Do minis now become seedy?”




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Corinne Tryon | Tiny Crash