Devin Smith, Awesome Thanks | Life Isn’t Always Pretty and Neither is This Mini

13 3/16” x 5 1/8” x 7 ½”

Scale: Non-specific

Media: Diorama

Materials: Recycled paper, wood, plastic, metal and other miscellaneous materials



When creating anything, I like to let my imagination run wild. I start with a very, very basic plan and improvise as I go. The piece feels more organic that way.



“People generally think of miniatures as frilly or girly, because dollhouses are what always come to mind. It’s time to show that miniatures can be so much more, and what better to do this than to create something that you would never want to stumble upon in real life: a dirty, sticky, graffiti covered public restroom. Oh, and there’s a glory hole too.”




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Devin Smith | Life Isn't Always Pretty...