Evan Lorenzen | Judith

7” x 9 5/8" x 1"

Media: Illustration on noodle

Materials: Egg noodle, graphite, Copic Multiliner SP Archival Pen (size 0.03mm)



Replicated detail from Carvaggio’s Judith Beheading Holofrenes drawn in ink on an egg noodle.



"My purpose with this piece, Judith, is to expand upon a sense of recontextualization by experimenting with scale, materiality, content, and environment. Using a noodle plays against the content as the original image and object each hold drastically different associations. The awkward tension between object and image aims to reframe something precious, grotesque, and seemingly mystical (Caravaggio's original painting) against a backdrop of banal familiarity (a noodle I found in my kitchen)."




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Evan Lorenzen | Judith