Jill Orlov | BadAss Boudoir

12” x 12” x 12”

Scale: 1:12

Media: Diorama

Materials: Mild steel, wire mesh, architectural salvage, jewelry findings, wine crates



Traditionally nostalgic vignettes created using raw steel.  Off-the-shelf steel sections are cut, shaped and TIG welded. Steel and copper mesh, found objects and delicate glassware are incorporated for changes in texture and color.



“I transform an industrial product, steel, which is an inherently cold material, into something warm in tone with soft contouring.  Playing disparate materials, styles and scales against each other to evoke a sense of wonder. This dichotomy is where my art takes shape. Take a peek behind the scenes into a boudoir, the classic and private realm of Hollywood’s golden age. Women can be tough as steel and soft and feminine at the same time.”




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Jill Orlov | BadAss Boudoir