Kevin Melanson | Haircut Pillows

1 ½: x 1”x 3/8”

Haircut Pillow #1: Pink/Blue

Haircut Pillow #2: Plaid

Media: Textiles

Materials: Fabric, thread, embroidery floss, human hair



First, I make the pillow, then I get a haircut, and then I stuff the pillow with my hair and make a cute little pillowcase to go with it.



“I normally work with found objects, altering them in some way or drawing them but with this piece, I am interested in my role as an artist, literally putting myself into my work. I am also fascinated by the idea of another person owning an item stuffed with my hair so they will, in a sense, be owning a part of me that I chose to discard.”


$150 (each)


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Kevin Melanson | Haircut Pillows