Lauren Carly Shaw | Worship

8” x 8” x 12”

Scale: Nonspecific

Media: Vignette

Materials: Plaster, foam, plastic miniatures, wire, flocking



The project is based around the idea of delusional idealization. I've created a 'mountain' with a peak that is a cast replica of a human hand holding up a middle finger.  There is a group of miniature people all dressed in the same color, climbing the mountain, unaware that the top of the mountain is a reciprocal 'fuck you'. This pilgrimage signifies a cult like following of blind ideals.  



“I am interested in the power of the mini through the idea of strength in numbers. Although it is important we as individuals are aware an actively making conscious decisions to affect positive change, it is equally important that we come together to make a bigger impact.”




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Lauren Carly Shaw | Worship