María Ossandón Recart | Reconstruction

15.74” x 19.68”

Scale: 1:12

Media: Mixed

Materials: Ceramic, acid free cotton paper and ink



In an antique fair, I found this piece of broken ceramic on the floor, it was an unwanted object, not salable, the piece of pottery was going to go to the trash. I took it and in my studio I reconstructed the miniature landscape that was in the piece of pottery with drawing pen ink on a cotton paper. Through the reconstruction with the miniature drawing, I give a new value and beauty to the broken and discarded object.



“I have tried to approach some imaginary or home experiences that may not have disappeared completely. There is, therefore, a theme of memory, although the artwork does not pretend to be an archeology: although it seeks to be faithful to a past, it does not ignore the resonances that these scenes have in me. Aesthetics and motives of a part that is not mine, but also speaks to me, partly because it belongs to me.”




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Maria Ossandón Recart | Reconstruction