Maria Salehi | Tap, Tap 

13 3/8” x 11 ¼” x 11 ¼”

Scale: 1:160

Media: Vignette

Materials: Polymer clay, wood, thread, wire, plastic, styrene, foam, plaster, sculptamold, sand



After sketching out my concept, I used various hand tools and materials to craft items found in a typical living room, including basswood and balsa to make the floor and tables, and polymer clay to make the couch, planter and vase. The underground lair is made of aluminum mesh covered in plaster cloth, sculptamold and scatter materials, while the gigantic ant has been sculpted with polymer clay over a wire armature.



“I think about how we as humans put smaller creatures in a simulacrum of their natural habitats to make their displacement more "comfortable" for them. In a  human display case, what would be chosen for us to exist with? I am interested in the comically oversized and miniaturized, especially juxtaposed together, and also in science fiction and fantastical scenarios.”




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Maria Salehi | Tap, Tap