Matt Herz | Freedom's Demise 

18” x 14” x 22”

Scale: 1:12

Media: Diorama

Materials: Cement, pine wood, basswood, acrylic paints, tile, plywood, copper and digital photo frame with slide show.



Creating a piece of art is always a work in progress.  As it progresses, things take shape and new ideas change the construction. The theme never changes but ideas can chane until the final gluing is complete.



“I have seen the decline in common sense and critical thinking.  As a society we are mesmerized by social media, computer technology and television. We read less, question less, accept what we hear as gospel, afraid to change the status quo. we have been brainwashed to believe everything presented should be taken at face value. The question remains: are we strong enough to go against the odds, challenge ourselves to change the way we do things and improve our future?


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Matt Herz | Freedom's Demise