Meg Romero | Bookmobile: #1 in a Series

12” x 4” x 12”

Scale: 1:12

Media: Diorama Wood, copper, brass, leather, silk, wire, ball bearings, chain, cardboard, paper, vintage roller skate, vintage oil can



“What comes first… the idea for the vintage-roller-skate-based bookmobile, OR, does an old skate, when met with copious amounts of sugar and caffeine, turn into a bookmobile? In this particular case, it was the latter. I interviewed  librarians, young people, and old timers, and compiled an impressive list of attributes for the ultimate mobile library, and then overlaid her quirky, artistic vision. Figuring largely in each piece of the series are my2 favorite things: Ticonderoga #2 pencils, and fresh, clean unlined sketchbooks.



“For 150 years books have been distributed to rural populations by bicycles, boats, trains, elephants, camels, horses, donkeys and all manners of wheeled carts . These various modalities are still being used around the world, but today they bring so much more than books: computers, DVDs, and job-search assistance. Here’s to the people of the world, sitting on a bench, awaiting the arrival of information.”




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Meg Romero | Bookmobile #1 in a Series