Michael Yurkovic | Out of Darkness

4” x 4” x 8”

Scale: 1:12

Media: Vignette

Materials: Mixed



“This piece evolved organically as much of my diorama/vignette style work does. In this case the humble little paint can struck me as a vehicle for a message. My love of urban spaces, and respect for street art, led to this opportunity to communicate in this format.”



“My piece represents in a 3 dimensional format the constant battle between love/tolerance and hatred/bigotry; a struggle which again is rearing its ugly face in popular culture, but on certain levels never leaves the scene entirely. Fantasy and reality will be blended to reflect the artist's optimistic fundamental belief in humanity.”


The current political environment has caused many people to live in darkness and fear  - there is a an undercurrent of hate ("You Suck!").  This piece represents those who are suffering in fear (the "eyes") whiich limits their potential. It also represents the personal struggles of the artist (Picasso behind bars). Love and hope conquers the darkness however as hateful grafitti is covered over with positivity!




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Michael Yurkovic | Out of Darkness