Your special day was created with all of the love and attention it deserves.   You chose the perfect dress, the most beautiful best pair of shoes...and oh, the flowers...that gorgeous bouquet!  

What if you could recreate those perfect and precious pieces and forever be reminded of the joy they brought to you on that very special day?

Let us search the planet for the most talented artists who can best replicate, in perfect 1/12th scale (1 inch is equivalent to 1 foot), the most precious pieces from the most special and important day of your life.  So you can view and enjoy forever. 

Our artists create using photographs.  All items are hand-crafted using fine materials which will provide heirloom quality pieces which may be enjoyed for generations.  

PLEASE NOTE COST LISTED HERE IS FOR DEPOSIT ONLY.  Final costs depends on a number of factors including intricacy of dress, shoes and flowers and will be reviewed prior to final contract.

Feel free to call 914-231-9871 or contact us with any questions or for more information!

My TrueSo Wedding Day Replication