Susan Van Tubbergen | Pyromaniac

Size: aproximately 1 3/4" x 1/2" (varies slightly for each piece)

Scale: 1:12

Media: Pottery

Materials: Porcelain



I use a special blend of porcelain clay that can withstand the extremes of raku firings.  Pieces are wheel thrown, altered, sculpted, trimmed and kiln fired just like a full size piece. They are then glazed and fired a second time in a raku klln.  A red hot piece is removed from the raku kiln and placed in a small container with combustible materials like newspaper and sawdust. Once the piece ignites the container is covered.  The reduction process, which starves the pot from oxygen, causes the raw clay to turn black and depending on the glaze used, can result in a rainbow of brilliant metallic colors. Because there are so many variables involved, every firing is unpredictable, every piece is truly unique.



“Miniature artists are beginning to stretch the limits for their work, no longer content to replicate traditional work or vintage European pieces. This is what I strive to achieve.”


$95 Each 


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Susan Van Tubbergen | Pyromaniac