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Top 10 Miniature Finds Curated by Festim Toshi

Festim Toshi is an architect designer and founder of the popular Instagram account @arcfly_fly He is a self-proclaimed "incurable dreamer" and "addicted" to full scale architecture, for which he has a keen eye. He is also able to spot really terrific miniatures which he shares with his followers. Here is an assortment of some of his carefully curated finds featuring quality miniatures from artists around the world using various mediums to craft tiny treasures.

1. Lyaisan Musina

Architecture design student Liaison Musina from Kazan Russia with standing in front of her university with an architectural model.

2. Kris Alberti

New to the miniatures world, interior design architect Kris Alberti from @LittleAndBigHouse has only been making furniture in small scale since 2109. She now crafts contemporary styled pieces for a growing list of collectors around the world which can be found on her website

3. Stanton Williams

Awesome architectural model of the Clermont-Ferrand Metropolitan Area Library (Clermont, France) in 1:20 by the award- winning London based team at Stanton Williams. (Photo by Stale Eriksen)

4. Mark Poulier

Artist Mark Poulier's pen and ink drawings of tiny structures and historical landmarks are delightful but his sketching on toilet paper takes the joy to a whole new level! More at

5. Queen Craftland

The folks over at create super scale models and dioramas and show you how to make it yourself on their YouTube channel here. Follow their creative journey on Instagram here.

6. Rosa de Jong

Amsterdam based graphic designer and miniaturist Rosa de Jong creates miniature worlds inside glasses tubing which ask the viewer to contemplate "the delicate nature of our habitat and the shelters we construct within it."

More work by Rosa can be seen at

7. Maketchik

Russia-based designer and miniaturist from the popular Instagram account maketchik crafts scaled down versions of famous furniture designs using only paper. Featured here is the Aviator Tomcat Chair by Timothy Oulton.

8. Misaki Miniature

Misaki_Miniatures, based in Japan, is mostly known for exquisitely delightful and expertly crafted food miniatures. But it's this tiny hobbit structure, made by this artisan, which totally wet our appetite for the tiny!

9. Adulrahman Eid

Artist Abdul Rahman creates super realistic miniature scenes inspired by the world where he lives in Syria while capturing its enchanting past with unbelievable detail.

10. Maxwell Tilse

Sydney based Freelance illustrator Maxwell Tilse creates small whimsical drawings of architectural landmarks inspired by the places where he travels and captures each piece with a photograph in front of each location.


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Until Next Time: #LiveYourBestMiniLife


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