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Week Ending February 21, 2022

1. Been read New York Daily News by Danielle McCurran from City Folk Miniatures

2. Wind blown dandelions by Pia Becker from Lamis Minis

3. Tower of hoagies by Shay Aaron from Aarons Miniatures

4. Never stepped on high tops by Beth from My Mini Maison

5. William Blake’s “The Ghost of a Flea” repro oil on gold leaf by Famine Dona

6. PETA approved buffalo skull by Kiana from Kiniatures

7. Extra limber wood doll by Anzu from A.J. MiniBear

8. Mind blowing basket of shrooms by Irina Borisova

9. Foreclosed semi-detatched homes by Aiden Itsalaprom

10.Colorsplashed boheme setting by Wei from Honey Thistle

Week ending February 3, 2022:

Fish tank by Miyuki Kobayashi

Asops Fable by Anzu

Lundby by Little Papa

Tiny Home by Frank Awstrander

Painted Portrait by Mohamed Samy

Newspaper Stand by Andreas Rousounelis

Charcuterie Board by Much love, Harry & Co

Toilet by Anna

Food Assortment by Tanja Jensen from Sugar Charm Shop

Valentines Day Table Setting (Unknown Artist/Unsigned) from D. Thomas Fine Miniatures


Until Next Time Thank you for being a part of the

D. Thomas Miniatures Community!


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