#10BestMinis: Interior Design Edition

I scoured the Gram this week and found the #10BestMinis with great spaces in miniature crafted by artists with some serious interior design skills! Oh, and I threw in a full size space just to show you how perfectly scaled the rest have been designed (can you tell which one it is?)

1. Regal red small space: Rosanne Brathwaite @suitecitywoman https://www.instagram.com/suitecitywoman

2. Tiny summertime fun: Teresa @theminibeachhouse https://www.instagram.com/theminibeac...

3. Delightful #DollDiorama by Micreabea from @micrea_miniature https://www.instagram.com/micrea_mini...

4. Uh-mazing art assemblage space: Yvette Driver from @littlepapa_dollhouse https://www.instagram.com/littlepapa_... with hand screened print of @davidbowie by @lukepantelidou

5. Conservatory creation: Cary Goodrich @cpgoodrich https://www.instagram.com/cpgoodrich/

6. Color expression of diminutive drama: Galina Abramova @mebeldliakukolok https://www.instagram.com/mebeldliaku...

7. Room of warm red tones: Marloes @minicouch https://www.instagram.com/minicouch/

8. In the mini groovy: Heidi @heidi_dollhouses ww.instagram.com/heidis_dollhouses/

9. Forever orange: Gemma @minimadehome https://www.instagram.com/minimadehome/

10. Casa Bancha by Kathleen B @smalltimedecorator https://www.instagram.com/smalltimede...

Until next time: #FindtheJoyInMiniature#dollhouse#dollhouseminiatures#interiordesign#smallspacedesign#mini#miniatures#roomboxraters


#10BestMinis: Super Tiny Edition!

I scoured the internets this week and found the #10BestMinis which are super tiny to share as well as the artists and accounts you need to be following right now!

1. Grand mini piano by Miriam K @Tiny Rooms Therapy

2. Super small snake plant by Merriweather Miniatures

3. Vintage wee wheelchair by JF Creations

4. Tiny tall grandfather clock by Fran Sussman Some Like it Small Too

5. Barely-seen sheep by Ryan Todd Uncomfortable Creature

6. Pretty petite umbrellas @akiko.1512

7. Micro house by Irina Plakhotina @plazotinarina

8. Crazy small kitchen by Marina Paredes

9. Bitty baby carriages @iklefingz

10. Cozy Christmas chair by Dennis George @dagminiatures


#10BrstMinis Week ending March 25, 2002

1. Pile of ashes (and butts) in tray by Gaetano Damiano https://www.instagram.com/nitros_diorama_custom/

2. Retro terrarium by Gemma https://www.instagram.com/minimadehome/

3. Classic water fountain by Jon Frier https://www.instagram.com/jon.frier/

4. Tufted comfy chair by Anna https://www.instagram.com/mama_mamadiorama/

5. Oh too Real Bison head by Maartje Ampts https://www.instagram.com/echo_taxidermy/

6. Mille-feuille in miniature by Misaki https://www.instagram.com/misaki_miniature/

7. Tiny Tagging https://www.instagram.com/le_ptit_train_de_psl/

8. Small still life by Greta Na https://www.instagram.com/greta_ancientclayfactory/

9. Petite painted chest by Craig LaBenz https://www.instagram.com/craiglabenzminiatures/

10. Gallows for pencil necks by Rob Crouch https://www.instagram.com/robcrouch73/


#10BestMinis Week Ending March 19, 2022

1. Classic riding play horse by Lydia Ricci instagram.com/lydia__ricci/ 2. Summer cooler with Sprite by Andreas Rousounelis instagram.com/rousounelis/ 3. Fab Felted Frenchie by Linda Facci instagram.com/faccidesigns/ 4. Sitcom Etch-a-Sketch by Ryan Monahan instagram.com/what_thehell/ 5. Plated flan by Juan A from instagram.com/espacioenminiatura/ 6. Essential fashion brands by instagram.com/littlebutterflydollhouse/ 7. Bucket of white lilies by instagram.com/mofutamofuko/ 8. Portrait of cat royalty by Masaya Okada instagram.com/masaya_okada/ 9. Still life fruit and flowers by Irina Borisova instagram.com/polimlrina75/ 10. Uggs Patrizia Santi instagram.com/patriziasantiminiature/


#10BestMinis Week ending March 11, 2022:

1. Undersized tufted lazy boy by Instagram.com/signesmini

2. Cruelty-free taxidermy by Instagram.com/vanalan_miniatures

3. Washed up coin operated laundry machines by instagram.com/masayuki_haga 4.

4.Babydoll by Instagram.com/karensminibears

5. Urban graffiti tableau by instagram.com/okyell

6. Tiny camper by the tree by David Davydov instagram.com/michael_davydov_/

7. Bath essential by Instagram.com/rebeccamade

8. Pantry under the stairs by Julie from https://www.instagram.com/little_bits_n_pieces_by_julie/

9. Wine themed shadowbox by Instagram.com/lilliputtreasures

10. Assortment of self-portraits by instagram.com/cosmechurrucaminis/


Until Next Time Thank you for being a part of the

D. Thomas Miniatures Community!


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