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Vintage Roombox in Miniature

There is a special place in my heart for vintage roomboxes. I found this one in particular on one of my absolute favorite sites called 1st Dibs ( which sells a fantastic selection of art and antiques including old dollhouses and other decorative objects in miniature.

This roombox is from the 19th century and built in the Netherlands. It features an exceptionally delightful kitchen scene with a copper tea pot, a gold-framed landscape painting and what looks like a brass bed warmer hanging from the side wall! I also really love the warm blues and greens this artist used as well as the black and white checkered flooring.

I just look at these pieces and think about how much love, care and attention it took, throughout many years, generations and multiple centuries (!) to keep the it safe and available to be seen, enjoyed and marved at!! This is a testament to miniatures as a valued and appreciated decorative art form meant to survive for the continued delight, excitment and education of those who are fortunate to see it. #obeytheminiature

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