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Six Miniaturists to Follow Right Now

There is talent, and then there's TALENT! Over the course of time I spent initially setting up my new shop, I really wanted to make sure I searched out a broad range of interesting, high-quality, super-artistic miniatures for my customers by artists who are super-talented. These artists are from all across the globe and not just in the United States since talent has no boundaries.

Here is a short list of some of those artist I encourage you to look into, if you don't know who they are already and follow them either on social media or through the various shows produced around the world. I'm excited to say I have work from some of these artists available for sale in my shop and invite you to take a look at the offering.

Maritza Moran

Where: United States

What: Hand Painted Furniture and Upolstery

Why: Her delicate and delicious flowers drawn on silk fabrics are absolutely dreamy!

The Hairy Potter

Where: United States

What: Extreme Pottery

Why: His one inch scale pieces are masterful, detailed and absolutely stunning!

Hernan Beljevic

Where: Argentina

What: Pub/Bar Replicas

Why: His use of various materials to achieve absolute perfection in fine scale miniature

Genziana Belle

Where: Italy

What: Wicker

Why: Intricate, amazing and painstaking detail makes these the must-have pieces for a roombox or scene!

Maria Jose Garcia

Where: LugART Petite Spain

What Shoes/Handbags

Why: Fanciful, runway-worthy pint sized fashions for (very) small feet and hands!

Emma @ParisMiniatures

Where: Paris France

What: Food&Deserts

Why: Tiny treats stir all the senses in scrumptuous and delectible detail!

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