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Eloise Kruger Collection

Eloise Kruger was a prolific collector of miniatures. She was born in the 1930's and became an accomplished accountant during the wartime years.

She began collecting with her friends at an early age but became more serious as an adult, placing more thought around the pieces she acquired while paying careful attention to the historical, architectural and details of each design.

While she favored the Victorian and American Neoclassical periods, the breadth and depth of the almost 20,000 pieces in her collection included many other periods as well including mid-centrury modern, Early American and and Shaker.

In 1997, The Kruger Collection was created at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as a gift from the Kruger Charitable Trust.

In addition to providing a showcase for the assorment, the Collection "collects, preserves, researches and interprets miniature furniture, accessories and other examples..." as a means to educate around the disciplines of interior design and architecture.

Her mid-century modern pieces included a gorgeous bright red/corderoy bench.

She had good taste.

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