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This Season's BIG Gift-Giving Trend is Go SMALL with Miniatures!

D. Thomas Fine Miniatures is excited to report that the 2016 holiday season’s BIG gift-giving trend is actually very small: miniatures!

Recent media buzz surrounding the category includes stories about “miniacs,” (New York Times), a renewed passion for all things small (Wall Street Journal) and, most recently, Zagat’s pop-up Tiny Café in Astor Place in New York City offering tiny versions of trendy edibles.

Small is definitely the new BIG this season. Miniatures tug at your heart and give immediate delight! Miniatures make an impressive statement when giving as a holiday gift; they focus closely on individual passions, interests and tastes.

To make holiday shopping seamless, The D. Thomas 2016 Holiday Gift Giving Guide includes the perfect selection of items for everyone on buyer's shopping lists from an intricately crafted replica of a typical Spanish tapas bar (for your favorite foodie), a couture hand bag shop (for the fashionista) or a 1/12th scale replica of a vintage harpsichord (for the music lover).

Gift-giving this holiday season is all about delighting the ones we love with a tiny treasure in the form of decorative art from tiny treasures to more personalized, custom gifts including the recreation of a memorable scene, a special object or even a scale replica of your home.


D. Thomas Fine Miniatures




by Michael Yurkovic



Astonish the Interior Decorator

with this MCM Masterpiece.


Present this modern loft room box, created by Michael Yurkovic of Atomic Miniature, constructed with hardwood floors and metal-like support girders, an LED lighting zone system, floor to ceiling wall of windows, brick platform/wall and a floating staircase leading to a second level. The piece arrives with all objects shown including a Charles Eames-inspired rocker, surfboard table and molded plywood screen. A Saarinen-inspired set of white tulip chairs and table and Mr. Yurkovic's signature MCM (lighted) television set (which can be customized with your own image!) completes the assortment. This is the perfect gift for the modern art enthusiast, MCM fan or stylin' individual and makes a great conversation piece to display



by May Burnett



Bewilder the Cult Phenomenalist

with this set of framed dusted-winged butterfly fairies.

Each fairy (two boys and a girl) has been individually designed, hand-painted and decorated with transparent wings using a layered and heat-sealing cello technique for brilliant color, shine and detail. No fairy was harmed in the making of this art. Each framed shadow box is 6" x 6"



by Queenie Wu/Various Artists



Delight the Fashionista

with this tiny boutique paradise.


Give this high-end tiny boutique, the perfect gift for the shopping enthusiast which depicts an environment you might find on the Champs Elysees or Via Veneto. This diminutive paradise is filled with 'lil lux handbags, Louboutin-inspired half inch red bottom platforms and other must-have accessories adorned with every designer detail.

The setting measures approximately 12" x12" x 12" on a hardwood/mirrored base with a square glass and includes a vintage French miniature arm chair covered in a hand-painted silk fabric. A tropical plant and other objects complete the buyer's scene. Completely #squeeworthy.



by Hernan Buljevich



Inspire the Foodie

with this replica tapas restaurant.


Consider this Spanish pub, Alma de Esapana (Soul of Spain, 2014), created by Hernan Buljevich, a university trained architect from Argentina and typifies the classic tapas bar you might find along the Espana Plaza Mayor. A hand-carved wood bar, wine cask/wheel-barrel working chandelier and decoupage ceiling mural adorn this exquisite room box. The liquor shelves hold over 400 individually crafted wine and spirit bottles while cured meats made from polymer clay hang from real hooks and platters of tapas await hungry patrons. The piece measures approximately 34” L x 20" H “x 18 D” and will look perfect placed on a wide shelf or built into a wall nook for viewers to marvel at.



by Beth Freeman-KaneFrom



Charm the Animal Lover with critters

inspired by the natural world.


Choose a tiny treasure inspired by the world which surrounds us. Intricately detailed scale birds, plants, trees and insects are replicated in painstaking detail by South African miniaturist Beth Freeman-Kane inspired by the rich wildlife of the Hudson Valley region of New York. Each object is created based upon the artist’s passion for creatures and their environment and sure to delight anyone who shares a love of nature, conservation and living things.



by Gerard Klein Hofmeijer



Thrill the Art Enthusiast

with a 3D facade replica

of the house depicted in "The Little Street"

by Johannes Vermeer


Deliver this fine art “The Little Street” painted in 1657. "Delft" was created by Dutch native Gerard Klein Hofmeijer who replicates historic buildings in miniature using brass etching while painting and sizing each brick individually for consummate accuracy and attention to detail (including winding cracks in the mortar!). The piece is custom-framed using museum glass and measures approximately 9" H x 7" W x 3" D. Gerard Klein Hofmeijer is a Dutch craftsman and classically trained scientist who has admired, loved and constructed miniatures since childhood. He works in a variety of scales between 1:50 and 1:100 to replicate historic buildings, houses, garden vignettes and 3D facades. His work offers a glimpse into the classic Dutch architectural style of the past and Dutch influence on contemporary design.



by Dawn Dahn



Please the Music Lover

with this vintage miniature harpsichord.


Present this intricately hand-crafted (non-playing) vintage miniature harpsichord (c.1770) created by artisan Dawn Dahn in 1997. It includes ivory-like keys, real brass fittings/foot pedals and opens with hinged folds to reveal a detailed system of piano strings. This spectacular miniature will provide beautiful sounds of joy (from its owner!) for years to come.




Subscription Box Service



Surprise the Crafter with a box filled with

hand-crafted minis every month!


Surprise the Crafter: Set up a SquintBox monthly subscription for the hobbyist in your life! SquintBox delivers a curated assortment of up to six hand-crafted miniatures each month in popular categories like food, flowers, books and accessories. This service can be set up to deliver multiple months as well (3 or 6) for extra savings. Shipping is free! All items featured in this D. Thomas Fine Miniatures Gift Guide may be purchased online, in our Facebook Shop or in-store, except for SquintBox which can be ordered online at


Seasons Greetings from

D. Thomas Fine Miniatures!



D. Thomas Fine Miniatures is a retail and gallery destination featuring top quality collectibles including 1/12th scale structure, furniture and accessories. The concept, designed to appeal to collectors, crafters and enthusiasts was created, in part, to raise awareness of miniatures as a decorative art form and to introduce the discipline not only to a new generation but to those who may just be discovering it! The gallery space showcases work in miniature by well-known artists from all over the world.

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