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Charming Collection of Miniature Chairs Heads to Auction!

A collection of charming and somewhat eclectic mix of 1/12 scale miniature chairs has headed to market and bidding is happening right now on eBay. The sale closes on Sunday, July 16th during the 7-8pm ET hour. Head over to see the mix of tiny thrones and have fun while you're there!

This collection is from the estate of an east coast collector who just adored and loved small scale tiny chairs and spent time cultivating the assortment of chairs...some are quirky and unique, some rare, several are artisan works and must- have pieces to add to a well curated collection to complete a miniature room, to begin a new dollhouse miniature project or just because (my favorite excuse!). Above: collection of miniature chairs available for purchase here.

Dollhouse Miniature chairs have always had an enchanting effect on enthusiasts; there is a timeless allure of these exquisite creations and rich history featuring diverse styles that captivate collectors worldwide who indulge in the charm of these tiny treasures. (Above: Artisan wicker chair c1895 by Rhea. Link to buy here)

Exquisite miniature chairs have been around since the Renaissance era. Today, meticulously crafted tiny seating treasures delight collectors, hobbyists and enthusiasts everywhere. At D. Thomas Fine Miniatures, we honor this legacy by offering dollhouse miniature chairs in this auction that embodies the elegance of the recent past. (Vintage style wheel chair with metal wheels and rattan mesh seat and seat back with movable foot rest by unknown artist is available here.

Some of the best dollhouse miniature chairs of the modern era have been made with exquisite craftsmanship using authentic materials like hardwoods, showing tiny detailed grain, brass hardware and luxurious fabrics scaled to perfection. Artists included in this sale include Ferd Sobol, John Ottewill, Cindy Malon and William Klinger. (Above: Classic upholstered chair with sculpted legs and brass arm rest embellishments by Ferd Sobol here.

Diverse styles and designs make a really great miniature chair collection - this is reflected in the latest D. Thomas Miniatures sale including Colonial, Georgian, French, Modern and more. Fine artistry represented in this collection of chairs including expert scaling, masterful proportions, exquisite construction techniques and finishing techniques. Check out the aging and weathering employed by WLK '97 in the piece above which can be found here.

Several artists with work featured in this auction are Artisan and Fellow Members of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans and have been recognized for their terrific work in small scale by this organization which is the largest miniatures group dedicated to fine art miniatures. (Above: Bible chair by Cindy Malone, listing can be found here.

If you're looking to discover super-awesome miniatures chairs, then head over to the Chicago Art Institute to see some of the most gorgeous tiny chairs at the exhibition of Thorne Miniature Rooms. There are also many great examples of fine art miniature chairs that can be found at the National Museum of Toys & Miniatures in Kansas City, MO and at the Kentucky Gateway Museum which houses the Kathleen Savage Browning Collection. (Above: Upholstered chair with needlework, unknown maker, can be purchased here.

If you want to immerse yourself in the enchanting world of dollhouse miniature chairs, then the first place to go is to the past...and consider purchasing some of the awesome fine art miniature chairs made in the '80's and '90's from some of the most talented miniature artisans working at the time. Above: Comfy chair/unsigned can be found here).



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