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D. Thomas Miniatures to Host Estate Sale of Vintage 1970s Miniatures

I'm excited to announce my summer auction of vintage 1970s miniatures from the estate of a collector from Connecticut. The sale is filled with a number of pieces created during the beginning of the "golden era" of dollhouse miniature collecting and includes several IGMA Artisans and Fellows including Betty Valentine (F), George Hoffman (F) and Roger Gutheil (F), (furniture), Deborah McKnight, Carolyn Nygren Curren (CNC Miniatures) and Jean Tag (Pottery), Jane Bermier and Jane Conneen (Readable Books) as well as Sylvia Roundtree, Virginia Merrill, Mary Grady O'Brien.

There are a number of lesser-known, but still highly talented artists represented in this sale as well including Robert L. Carlisle (furniture), Langdon, Milton Bond (painting), Warren Dick, Walter Stout (furniture) and John R (indecipherable signature). Additionally, there are pieces by Ed Norton, founding member of NAME and work by Roger Gutheil for Chestnut Hill, makers of fine furniture started in the late 1940's.

Reverse glass framed painting featuring a primitive colonial American scene by artisan Milton Bond (1977) pictured below.

This sale is filled with a number of pieces from the "transitional" period of miniature making; a time before miniatures became more refined, created with the adult collector in mind, including pieces by The Arnells and Mell Prescott and more mass manufactured makers like Strombecker, Dolphin Originals, Chestnut Hill along with several unknown artists or pieces with indecipherable signatures. Upholstered sofa is shown below with decorative piping with hardwood sculpted legs and made by Mell Prescott. Ms. Prescott has an award named after her, give each year by NAME, the National Association of Miniatures Enthusiasts for excellence in miniature making.

I had a great chat with Troy Bettridge recently from the popular Instagram account TulsaTinyStuff on a special Meet the Miniaturist broadcast. Troy shared his terrific collection of vintage miniatures and his extensive knowledge of tiny treasures from the 1940s through the 1960s. Miniatures made during this period helped with the transition to the modern miniatures movement defined by more refined and realistic work which appealed to a growing adult audience at the time. His expertise really helped to add insights on the types of miniatures featured in my upcoming sale

Here are some additional miniature treasures featured in this sale:

Hardwood William & Mary Table with Hand turned legs by Warren Dick.

Pottery by IGMA Fellow Deborah McKnight!

Readable books (some with color illustrations!) by IGMA Fellow Jane Bernier.

Mid century modern style upholstered chair with wood legs by unknown (unsigned) artisan.

5 drawer dresser made of hardwoods by Srombecker.

See you all at the sale!


Until Next Time Thank you for being a part of the

D. Thomas Miniatures Community!


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