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Tips to Building an Awesome Collection of Miniatures!

Do you want to take your love of miniatures to the next level? Join me for my webinar "How to Build an Awesome Miniatures Collection!" on Thursday, May 5, 2022 at 7pm ET - link below and register ($9.99 speaker fee).

Miniature printer's box above filled with miniatures (artist unknown)

In this webinar, I’ll share my tips for assembling the best assortment of tiny treasures for the biggest delight with the greatest value!

I’ll start with a brief history of miniatures collecting and talk a bit about why we like to collect tiny things. I will then share insights about what makes a well-crafted miniature, what defines a great collection and best ways to scope out the finest miniatures and the talented artist who create them.

Silver tea set pictured below

(artist unknown)

I’ve been a passionate miniaturist for as long as I can remember. I’m a maker, collector, promoter, and reseller of miniatures via my online auctions and estate sales. I live and breathe the tiny! I’m excited to present my learnings and insights to educate and bring more collectors to this awesome hobby.

Whether you’re new to miniatures or want to "up your collecting game," you’ll be prepared with information and inspired to either start a collection of your own or be equipped to build successfully upon an existing collection of miniatures.


Until Next Time Thank you for being a part of the

D. Thomas Miniatures Community!


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