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How to Build An Awesome Miniatures Collection!

Are you looking to take your love of collecting miniatures to the next level? Join me on Thursday, November 16 at 7pm ET for my free talk about how to build an awesome collection of tiny treasures. In this free webinar, I’ll share insider tips for assembling the best assortment small scale prizes for the highest value, best quality and biggest delight!

I’ll start with a brief history of the hobby of miniature collecting and talk a bit about why we like to collect tiny things. Then I'll share insights about what makes a well-crafted miniature, what defines a really great collection and talk about some of the best ways to scope out the finest miniatures and the most talented artist who create them.

Whether you’re new to the miniatures world or interested in maximizing your current miniature collecting game, you’ll leave armed with the best information and inspired to either start a collection or be better equipped to build successfully upon an existing collection of miniatures.

Thanks for joining and be sure to sign up at for my eBlasts so you never miss event updates and follow me on my social media channels here:

See you there!


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