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Jed Voltz Unveils New Contemporary Miniatures

Our own Badass Miniaturist Jedediah Corwyn Voltz (@Jed_Voltz), best known for his awesome miniature treehouse sculptures , shared photos and details of a new commission he recently finished for a client, a super awesome roombox in 1/24 scale with a modern/contemporary retro feel in his signature playful approach.

The self-contained environment is fully lit, sits on turned legs and features a whimsical brick fireplace with an extended chimney peeking through a pitched roof. A wrought iron hanging chandelier extends a calm glow throughout the piece and a display cabin is overflowing with decorative art in miniature. There is lots to see and lots to miss if you don't spend time looking at every element in this work.

The roombox and all of its contents were scratch built by the artist using various techniques. There are pieces which were hand turned on a lathe made of acrylic, vacuformed thermal plastic objects, minis sculpted with polymer clay and things twisted up made from wire and tape.

The back-lit built-in fish tank set in the wall and landscaped with plants and rock formations may just be my favorite part... maybe.

The brick fireplace is decorated with a number of tiny treasures including tiny sculptures, books, an orchids and a tic tac toe game. The decorative pattern of the fireplace screen works so beautifully well with the painted mirror and the carved curio cabinet.

Voltz 's incredible attention to detail extends to the outside of the piece which is decorated with a intricate mosaic design. A small paint brush for dusting hangs gently on the back panel which serves a dual purpose by hiding the electrical wire system.

More work by Voltz can be seen here.


Until Next Time: #LiveYourBestMiniLife


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