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Multi Miniaturist Open Studio Event!

I'm excited to be hosting my my FIRST multi-miniaturist open studio event featuring 9 artists working in a broad range of small scale disciplines including pottery, structure, painting, interior design and more on Sunday, January 23 starting at 2pm ET.

We'll be "dropping in" on artist studios throughout this 2 hour event so viewers to can get to know each artist, see their working spaces and check out some of their latest works. We may even get a tip or trick or two on how these talented makers are able to make what they make!

Link above to register now for this free Zoom - stay for the entire event or drop in as you wish. We'llbe spending about 10 minutes with each artist. Scheduled participants are as follows and in order of appearance:

Kate Santichen is a Brooklyn-based miniaturist who often shrinks down "slices of life" from everyday full scale objects like metro cards and voting stickers. Her tiny scratch off lottery ticket went viral and for good reason - have you seen that tiny card! Check out more of her work on her Instagram account here: @the_tiny_craftress.

Cheronda Smith is a mom, veteran and maker of tiny things - she's also distributer of miniatures from The Toy Box Store in Florida. Her cheese and sausage gift basket (with shredded paper!) and photos of many other wonderful tiny treasures can be found on her Instagram account here: @cypykersminiatures.

Toronto based artist Cielo Vianzon from @minipotteryproject crafts small batch, hand-turned miniature ceramic pots and vases which are "made with love" and part of her @minipassionproject. Her modern aesthetic from pastels to metallics has wide appeal and can be found for sale on her ETSY site here.

Dollhouse blogger and artist Kristine Hanna, also hails from Canada, and has a bright, modern approach to the miniatures she creates. She celebrates her work with seasonal updates to her small scale bungalow and then blogs and posts her decorated pieces on her social media. Follow her on Instagram here: @paperdollminiatures

May Woollcott is a Brooklyn-based artist living in the Cobble Hill neighborhood of the city known for its hip cafes and super cool restaurants and the perfect inspiration for some of the stylish and contemporary wallpaper and interior design pieces she crafts in miniature. Her work can be found for purchase on her Etsy site here.

Hannah Lemon from @hannahlemon_art has a special talent crafting the smallest scale houseplants in perfect detail including Philodendron Brazil, Dracaena and Monstera using Japanese polymer clay which she allows to air dry for final effect. She has a really fun TikTok account too which you can follow here: @hannahkatelemon

Danny Cortes (@dannycortesnyc) is a street miniature artist who grew up in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn who creates memories in small scale based on scenes found in his native New York City environments. His work is inspired by other artists including Keith Haring as well as iconic graffiti-laden structures found in Spanish Harlem, Bed Sty and Marine Park. More of his work can be found on his YouTube and popular TikTok account here.

Artist Mary Sullivan lives up to her Instagram handle, @notyourmomsdollhouse, every day. The pieces she creates certainly push the envelope and (some may say) boundaries on the meaning of a dollhouse miniature. Her inch-scaled plastic sex toys and trays filled with recreation drugs have caused quite a reaction in certain circles and groups.

Virginia based artist Amanda Kelly from @pandaminiatures crafts miniatures with meaning and often with a personal perspective and struggle from mental illness to often pushes the envelope on what miniatures are and what they can be. From her tattoo shop, cannabis shop to hoarders porch, she innovates using the newest technologies including 3D printing and always puts a personal spin with a story or background which allow the viewer to better connect with her art.

Excited for this open studio event and to chat with all of the artists!


Until Next Time Thank you for being a part of the

D. Thomas Miniatures Community!


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