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MiniVersity Course: Small Scale Knitting

The latest D. Thomas MiniVersity course led by IGMA Artisan Julie Steiner from RidiculousTinyThings (Instagram) was just posted on YouTube. Julie is a micro scale knitting and crochet artist from Philadelphia who crafts some of the most awesome tiny scale works you've ever seen!

In this course, Julie presented “Downsizing Your Knitting: Tips and Tricks for Knitting in Small Scale” which helped answer the question: Do you want to take your knitting tiny?" She walked folks through her personal knitting journey and shared what she’s learned (and created!) along the way including tools and material sources, choosing patterns and final finishing tricks.

This course also addresses scaling and how to achieve a properly sized piece and is for all all skill levels including those who are familiar with working in full scale! You'll leave with terrific information and to help you move to knitting smaller!

This should be awesome!


About D. Thomas MiniVersity

D. Thomas MiniVersity is now open for study and includes lectures, demonstrations, virtual field trips, independent study activities, class projects, classes on mini making, and more. Courses are facilitated by MiniProfessors and experts in each course field of study and students gain credits from class attendance with a certificate of completion at the end of the year!

D. Thomas MiniVersity is for hobbyists, makers, artists, collectors and all around miniatures enthusiasts to help mini students to learn and grow as members of the miniatures community. There is something to learn for students at all stages of their mini journey!

D. Thomas MiniVersity courses are mostly free with a cost at times, especially for artist-led miniature making classes which will include instructor and material fees. You can catch replays from the previous livestream courses on the D. Thomas Miniatures YouTube channel here:

Information about upcoming classes will be announced via email blasts from D. Thomas Miniatures - sign up on the website. (Below: Top Tools for Miniaturists with Anny Pennypacker from AMiniThing.)

There is no cost for most D. Thomas MiniVersity programming, but if you like what you see and would like to support the offerings, consider joining the D. Thomas Miniatures Patrons Club and contribute to our efforts and gain access to exclusive content. More info here: and on all our social channels here:

Thank you for being a part of the D. Thomas Miniatures community!

- Darren T. Scala

D. Thomas Miniatures


*Registration for D. Thomas MiniVersity and all livestream events automatically adds you to my email distribution. You may opt out at any time but hope you don't!


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