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"Newcomers are Upending the Once-Feisty Dollhouse Scene" | The Wall Street Journal

I was thrilled to have been mentioned in a story written by Sarah E. Needleman, Technology Reporter for The Wall Street Journal entitled "They’re Spending Thousands Decorating Homes No One Will Ever Go Inside" which was published on November 28, 2023. Ms. Needleman says that "Newcomers are upending the once-fusty dollhouse scene—decking out wee abodes that could belong in the (mini) Hamptons". Read the full article here. (Photo Below: Emily Brouilette)

"Dollhouses date to the Renaissance era when upper-class European women sought to show off their wealth by commissioning so-called cabinet houses complete with tiny versions of their possessions, according to Darren T. Scala, a curator of miniature exhibitions in Yonkers, N.Y. Some of the largest, most intricate collections are worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and housed in museums around the globe. " (Photo Below: Michael Hogan)

Also from the article: "Emily Brouilette, 46, grew up in a four-floor Victorian built in the 1800s. When she got into dollhouse collecting a few years ago, she invested in an ultra-industrial domicile resembling stacked shipping containers. 'I’m like, I’m an adult. I have money and I’m going to go do it,' she says.

Brouilette, a financial planner who lives near Chicago, says she spent about $10,000 on the project. Her most prized miniature purchase to date is a framed poster of her favorite band, the Rolling Stones, that measures a little more than an inch in height and width. A tiny copy of her husband’s favorite book, “Moby-Dick,” rests on a tiny night stand. 'I wanted my mini house to very much reflect me and my husband living there, though mini versions of us would be kind of weird,' she says. "

Be sure to read the entire piece and flip through for more terricic images assembled for the article. A BIG thank you to Ms. Needleman and The Wall Street Journal for incuding me in this piece!



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