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Stunning Miniature Flowers Adorn Dollhouse at the Hudson River Museum

I'm thrilled to present my 2023 Spring Miniature Flower Show at The Hudson River Museum located along the historic Hudson River in Yonkers, New York, just north of New York City. Since 2014, I've been honored to partner with the museum to bring news and excitement to the world of miniatures by decorating Nybelwyck Hall, the fantastical dollhouse part of the museum’s permanent collection located in the Glenview, a historic Victorian mansion on the museum campus.

The Spring Miniature Flower Show celebrates the arrival of spring and includes floral, fauna and related objects crafted in 1/12 scale by artists from around the world using a range of materials and media including paper, clay, and cold porcelain. Each arrangement was conceptualized to complement Nybelwyck Hall, created by artist, actor, and dollhouse enthusiast Mark O’Banks over a 10-year period starting in 2000.

(Above: Esha Bijutkar | India)

Nybelwyck Hall was built with a blend of Georgian, Victorian and Dutch Colonial architectural styles, reminiscent of many classic 19th Century Hudson River Valley homes. The house contains 24 elaborately furnished rooms and takes us through his original, whimsical, and fascinating tale of the fictional affluent Van Nybelwyck family. There are more than 900 interior objects including both commercially and artisan-made pieces and the house is visited by thousands each year. Each floral arrangement created for the show was crafted to keep with the design of the dollhouse and will grace the interior of this mini mansion while helping to tell the story of its delightful, and sometimes eccentric, occupants.

(Above L-R) Rina Vellichor | Russia, Paula Gilhooley | United States and Janny Warnaar | Germany)

I’m absolutely thrilled to be back this year to decorate this extraordinary miniature mansion with small scale floral treasures and to help raise awareness of this marvelous structure created by Mr. O’Banks. This show includes works by talented artist from across the world from as far away as Australia, Japan, Russia and India as well from our neighbors closer to home including Spain, Germany, and Italy. Of course, we have representation from the United States as well. Our 2023 artist’s work will make you swoon!

(Above: Paula Gilhooley | United States)

The show includes many flower types represented in small-scale arrangements and features roses, peonies, tulips, dandelions, carnations, hydrangea, and many others. Each piece was painstakingly crafted, some made using hundreds of individual petals placed in hand-made vessels in short and tall compositions. Be prepared to be delighted in a big way by some of these small works!

(Above: Masumi Miura | Japan)

A livestream event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 17 at 7pm featuring a talk about the exhibition and a virtual walk-through of the dollhouse. Participants will be able to see a close-up view of the flowers and hear more about how they were crafted to complement Nybelwyck Hall. Additional Meet the Miniaturist events are also scheduled throughout the month online and via social media so check this space for more information and be sure to sign up at www.dthomasfineminiatures for updates.

Scroll through the slide show of participating artists and their work featured in the show!

For even more information about each piece including materials, flowers and country of origin for each artist, head here:

The Flower Show is viewed as part of the "Glenview Tour" at the Hudson River Museum and limited to 15 people per tour. Advanced reservations are strongly encouraged. The tours are offered at 1pm on Thursdays and Fridays and at 1:00pm and 3pm on Saturday and Sundays. Check the museum website for more information.

(Above: Hope Elliott | United States



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