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The $100,000 Dream Dollhouse

THE SAHLBERG by Jimmy Landers is a masterpiece of architecture, art and design in miniature and a once in a generation opportunity for a collector to own a custom cabinet house inspired by those owned by Europeans of a certain social class during the renaissance era and throughout the 18th and 19th centuries. We're thrilled to be representing Mr. Landers on the sale of this beautiful treasure! Contact Darren Scala @914-548-1984 for more information.

THE SAHLBERG is an extraordinary custom-built 9 room hardwood cabinet house created by master builder Jimmy Landers with exquisitely designed rooms including a 3 story grand foyer, a 2 story wood paneled library, a dining room, parlor, master bedroom and a guest bedroom.

The dramatic Grand Foyer was created with a curved staircases made with hand-turned spindles and mahogany banisters which lead to a stunning stained glass center dome crafted by Barbara Sabia and decorated with hand-cut lead with a combination of beveled, glue chip and frosted glass textures. The Dome measures 13" long by 3"wide with natural illumination effects by Carl Sahlberg, the namesake of this work and friend of Mr. Sahlberg.

The entranceway floor contains over 2000 individual hand-placed and grouted marble tiles, wood paneled walls and double hung doors and highlighted by a stunning 2-tiered brass chandelier by Linda Orleff. The second floor landing was created with mahogany random wood-planked flooring and paneled doors and the top floor has 8 sconces which line the walls of the grand foyer. There are a total of 22 sconces in the structure.

A key feature of The Sahlberg is an impressive two-story wood paneled library with floor to ceiling built in bookcases filled with thousands of books which can easily be reached by rolling ladders along brass rods stationed on a parquet floor painstakingly created with over 3000 planks made of cherrywood. Several inset alcoves are ready to featured framed fine art paintings or hold decorative art on clear shelves. The Library is highlighted by a stunning coffered ceiling with hand-hammered copper panels and hardwood beams accented in black and an equally impressive beveled paneled ceiling on the lower level lined with decorative timbers.

An ornate custom Victorian-style two-tiered all brass chandelier with milky white acrylic globes cast a soft yellow glow as do several coordinating sconces flanking the second floor paneled door. A spiral staircase with an inlay wood base, brass rod baluster, cherrywood treads with an etched design and a curved hardwood handrail leads to the top level landing.

Additional library features include a vintage framed replica of an 1883 musket made with carved wood and a metal barrel, floor to ceiling stained glass windows with custom designed crests, a historic reproduction gothic fireplace with a black granite hearth with an ornate caste metal mirror hanging overhead along with several vintage mounted taxidermy.

The Dining Room, The Parlor, The Master Bedroom and The Guest Bedroom complete the cabinet house, each exquisitely designed and hand crafted to include all brass lighting fixtures, real mahogany flooring, textured wall papers, floor to ceiling triple stained glass windows, recessed ceilings with plaster appliques and ornate fireplaces with granite hearths and gold trimmed mirrors.

The second floor parlor features random planked Mahogany wood flooring, a faux marble flickering fireplace with a gilded gold framed mirror, recessed ceiling with ornamental plaster, The Master Bedroom features a carved plaster fireplace, a 6 arm brass chandelier with ornamental plaster framed double paneled doors, floor to ceiling stained glass windows and textured wallpaper with an historic design.

Solid brass two-tiered hanging chandelier with acrylic "glass" domes by Linda Orleff

Meet the Maker: Jimmy Landers is a master builder. After retiring from a corporate role in sales, his wife asked him to build her a dollhouse. Not just any dollhouse, but a historically accurate structure, with masterful details and an amazing design. And he's been building ever since!

Mr. Landers spent two years building The Sahlberg and commissioned an equally extraordinary group of artisans to create fixtures, stained glass and accessories to bring his vision to life. He usually spends up to 18 hours each day working and is currently crafting an 8-room Tudor style dollhouse with 4 levels measuring over 5' long with landscaping and a hand-built octopus furnace.

Click here for more images of the Sahlberg. All photos by Mr. Lander's daughter Patty Haessig.

Until Next time: Happy MinLiving!


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