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The Christopher Guy Dollshouse to be Auctioned to Support Make-A-Wish UK!

Christopher Guy, the European interior design company, has donated its extraordinary doll’s house to the Make-A-Wish UK Chapter. The 10-room miniature masterpiece will be auctioned online to support the mission of Make-A-Wish to create life-changing wishes to children with critical illness and bring hope and joy when they need it most.

This is a once-in-a-life opportunity to own a luxury miniature of extraordinary craftsmanship and unparalleled intricacy which was created in partnership with some of the design world’s most prestigious interiors brands.

Project designer, Group Editor of Christopher Guy and Editor of Designed Magazine Julia Burdet, says: "Working on the Doll's House was a privilege and an emotional experience for us all, and that it will now help support the work of Make-A-Wish is the perfect end to its journey. The Doll’s House has been a real eye-opener to just how much skill it takes to produce these high quality interiors furnishings and accessories. It has also been a fabulous adventure into the child that’s in all of us. The magical charm of the Doll's House has enchanted all those who've seen it and I hope will continue to delight in its new home and to bring light and joy to those children whose dreams are brought to life by Make-A-Wish.”

Jason Suckley, Chief Executive of Make-A-Wish UK, says: “We can’t thank the team involved enough in creating this mini masterpiece. The power of a wish brings light and joy to children and their loved ones. These children face challenges that you and I can only imagine. A wish has the power to revive a childhood, bringing light and joy to these children and their families when they need it most, creating magical memories that last a lifetime so we’re hoping for some good bids on the night!”

The auction begins online here starting Monday, November 14 and ends on the evening of Saturday, November 26 at the Make-A-Wish UK charity ball which will be held at Old Binningsgate in London. Tickets to the event can be purchased here. The dolls house will be among the items and experiences donated to Make-A-Wish UK. It should be a magical night filled with hope and joy!

The Christopher Guy Dolls' House was first shown to the public in the window display at Centre Dome, and unveiled as part of the 2021 London Design Week and completed in collaboration with Fromental, Samuel & Sons, Gingerlily, Drummonds and Lalique. More photos and details amazing creation can be found in a previous blog post and Meet the Miniaturist interview with Ms. Burdet here.


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