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The Dutch Cabinet House by Steve Putnam

Steve Putnam, from Steve Putnam Designs, is a multi-disciplined artist from the UK who has had a passion for miniatures since childhood inspired by his grandfather, who was a model maker.

Putnam studied fine art and has broad experience in set design, high-end retail display and (award winning!) landscape architecture. While his design work is stunning, it's his miniatures that deserve a prize! (photo above: Steve Putnam Easter display for Gisela Graham London).

Steve created a Dutch cabinet house, which harken back to the renaissance era when baby houses were all the fashionable rage with women of a certain social class and status, refurbished from an existing antique reproduction find. The cabinet house contains masterfully crafted rooms which feature Georgian arches, gilded columns, inlaid mahogany flooring and extensive moulding throughout.

The cabinet house features several rooms including a grand dining room, a drawing room and a library. Each space contains extraordinary details such as wood paneled walls, dramatic coffered ceilings built-in bookcases.

Steve's collection of artisan miniatures are placed throughout the structure including John Hodgson mirrors, a Keith Bougourd chess table and and walnut cabinet with animatronic tweeting bird by Ken Palmer.

Watch my special Meet the Miniaturist featuring Steve Putnam broadcasted on Sunday, April 4, 2021 at 4pm ET. We had a wonderful chat with Steve and learned more about his passion for the tiny, got a tour of the uber-fabulous Dutch cabinet house he created and saw more of the fine artisan miniatures he has collected over the past 25 years to fill the structure.

This was super!


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