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Meet the Miniaturist who Crafts True Crime Stories in Miniature!

Carol Rasaphangthong is a talented filmmaker at Buzzfeed who crafts tiny sets and diorama in small scale to help tell true crime stories for the Buzzfeed Unsolved Network on YouTube.

In her latest piece for the "Key Evidence" series, she takes on the Watergate Scandal and tells the true story of the break in and coverup which led to the resignation of Richard Nixon during this dark period in U.S. history.

Some of the other topics she has covered and produced include The Astonishing Theft of the Mona Lisa and The Tragic Case of the Yogurt Shop Murders.

Carol appeared on a recent Meet the Miniaturist broadcast. Viewers learned about how Carol has been able to combine her passion for miniatures with her interest in historical events in her filmmaking and we talked about the extensive research process necessary to craft her builds and produce her videos.

Carol also talked about the challenges she undertakes (and solves!) and describes the technology and techniques she employs for her miniature builds (all against a tight timeline!).

A BIG thank you to Carol for joining me for this broadcast, what a super chat!


Until Next Time Thank you for being a part of the

D. Thomas Miniatures Community!


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