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2021 Virtual Tour: Denver Museum of Miniatures

Meet the miniaturist Wendy Littlepage, Executive Director of the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys in Denver, Colorado.

DMMDT was founded in 1981 by a group of artists, business owners and civic leaders. After a 2 year hiatus, the museum is now in a new, larger location and home to over 20,000 objects.

Wendy will treat us to a virtual tour of the museum which includes an impressive assortment of doll houses, roomboxes and artisan miniatures.

This should be super!

Thank you for all your support and encouragement for the Meet the Miniaturist series. There is no cost for this programming but If you like what you see and would like to contribute to the development of this ongoing series, follow this link:


Until Next Time: #LiveYourBestMiniLife


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