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Excited to announce the opening of the opening of the 2024 Spring Miniature Flower Show: URBAN BLOOMS at Stems Brooklyn on Saturday, May 4, 2024, at 96 Knickerbocker Avenue in Brooklyn, New York. The show runs through Saturday, June 15, 2024.   


The show includes 24 works by 18 artists from 10 countries around the world and is housed in a custom-crafted, miniature industrial-designed gallery built to complement the Stems Brooklyn environment, the perfect location for the show's theme and backdrop for these miniature marvels. Artist works represents countless hours of meticulous crafting – with floral arrangements containing more than 1,000 individually created and applied petals, leaves, and branches.  More about the show here.

Screenshot 2024-04-13 at 10.55.40 AM.png

Participating Artists: Irina Borisova, Danny Cortes, Dutch Girl, Hope Elliott, Morgan Everhart, Jacqueline Greenwood, Olga Ivanova, Louise Jones, Doreen Koch, Yevheniia Kudriavtseva, Katherine McNeely, Leila Marshania, Masumi Miura, Beth Picard, Ketty Pierro, Miyu Suko and Astrid Wilk.  Click images below for artist bi0, statement and details about each piece.

2023 Spring Miniature Flower Show 

Nybelwyck Hall | Hudson River Museum

May 9 through June 25, 2023 

Thrilled to present my 2023 Spring Miniature Flower Show at Nybelwyck Hall, the fantastical 24-room miniature mansion on view in Glenview, the historic Victorian mansion on the campus of the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York.


To celebrate the season, and bring even more beauty to Nybelwyck Hall, multiple artists from across the globe have created delightful floral arrangements and related objects in 1/12 scale to adorn the halls and grace the tiny rooms.

A special live virtual presentation by Darren Scala is planned for Wednesday, May 17th at 7pm ET to take viewers through the show. Register to join the livestream here


The show begins on May 10th and runs through the end of June. Check the Museum website for open days and times. 

dollhouse miniature flowers hudson river museum
nybelwyck hall dollhouse miniature hudson river museum flower show map

Fall/Christmas at Nybelwyck Hall

The Hudson River Museum

October 26, 2019 through January 7, 2020

Miniaturists from across the globe create tiny art to help celebrate and decorate the extraordinary miniature mansion in the permanent collection at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York.

darren t. scala founder owner d. thomas miniatures

Seasonal holiday decor includes work by Darren Scala, Craig LaBenz, Amanda Kelly, May Burnett, Carol Cook, Kim Clough, Kraig Councell, Juli Steel, Wendy Smale, Patricia Paul, Malena Sullivan and Deb Mackie.

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 7.13.53 PM cop

Head here for more on our annual Christmas exhibition and here for our Fall/Halloween show.

BadAss Miniatures

Causing a Little Trouble

May 5 - July 22, 2018

Tiny art without boundaries. Defiant, quirky and slightly uncomfortable.

Welcome to the disobedient dollhouse.

Badass Miniatures Juli Steel

BadAss Miniatures presents emerging perspectives in the miniature arts; an exhibition of original works in miniature form contributed by over 30 artists from across the United States and abroad.

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 10.28.07

Featured works represent a novel movement that challenges the status quo in the miniature art form through the presentation of unconventional ideas and concepts and the quirky, outlandish, surprising use of miniatures.

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 10.39.17
Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 10.38.56

BadAss aims to push the envelope on the traditional (rethink the dollhouse!) with an edgy and bold attitude showcasing jaw-dropping, surprising—maybe even shocking—miniature badassery to hit the 21st century. 

Screen Shot 2020-03-01 at 10.28.19


Big Message. Small Art.

June 18 through September 15, 2017

WeeResist Big Message Small Art

WEE#RESIST explores the growing issues, challenges and controversies facing all people as we move together through a period of political uncertainly.  The concept for the exhibition was borne out of the changes to the current cultural climate.

This gallery show provideed a space for 12 talented artists from across the globe who felt powerless to affect change and have used the miniature form to express their opinions and to call for positive change.


We hope these selected works will enlighten, entice and serve as a reflection of current cultural themes to help viewers, through the miniature form, to focus in on this important subject matter.  We further hope it will inspire dialogue and challenge us to think, question and react. 

Participating Artists: Nix + Gerber, Issam Kourbaj, Thomas Doyle, Pat O'Brien, William Kass, Althea Chrome, Camilla Hallgren, Diana Maria Rossi, Jill Orlov, Lauren Carley Shaw, Louise Krazniewicz, MacKenzie McAlpin

Those Were the Days


May 21 - July 31, 2017

Iconic TV Studios 


Miniature Metalwork

Jill Orlov Those Were The Days Miniatures
Jill Orlov Those Were the Days
Jill Orlov Those Were the Days
Jill Orlov Those Were the Days
Jill Orlov Julia Child's Kitchen
Brady Bunch Stairs Jill Orlo
Jill Orlov Brady Bunch Stairs

Gerard Klein Hofmeijer

The Little House 

Nov 15-March 15 2017

The Little House
Gerard Klein Hofmeijer dollhouse miniature art exhibition
Gerard Klein Hofmeijer
Gerard Klein Hofmeijer

Beth Freeman-Kane

Hudson River Wildlife

October 15 - January 15, 2017


The Gallery at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures is proud to announce the opening of a new exhibition “Hudson Valley Wildlife in Miniature – Works by Beth Freeman-Kane” in the Gallery. This important exhibition will run October 15, 2016 through January 15, 2017 along with a special Master Class and Open House during the weekend of October 15.  


In this special exhibit, Ms. Freeman-Kane presents a 1/12th scale miniature scene depicting life both sustained and renewed by unique ecosystem provided by the mighty Hudson River. Her piece features a Belted Kingfisher and a pair of Pectoral Sandpipers resting atop the waters of the Hudson while beneath the water level live various indigenous tiny fish, crabs and frogs. The scene also features several Dragonflies very often observed in the Hudson River Valley, home to the largest number of different dragonfly species in the US.


Read more on this exhibition here.  For more informaton contact Darren Scala at 914-231-9871 or at


Thomas Doyle Contemporary Art Miniatures
Beth Freeman Kane Dollhouse Miniature Art Exhibition
Beth Freeman Kane Dollhouse Miniature Art Exhibition
Beth Freeman Kane Dollhouse Miniature Art Exhibition
Beth Freeman Kane Dollhouse Miniature Art Exhibition

Thomas Doyle

Sapper: Anxiety, Isolation and the Perspective of Thomas Doyle

April 16 - June 1, 2016


The Gallery at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures is proud to present Mr. Doyle’s recent work, “Sapper,” a miniature vignette in 1:87 scale, representative of Doyle’s perspective on anxiety, fear and isolation in the domestic and family dynamic.

Thomas Doyle Contemporary Art Miniatures

In “Sapper,” we are transported to one moment in the life of a family and the complex miniature world of their suburban high ranch home. We are drawn into a series of interactions that include two brothers dribbling a ball in the driveway while their parents are immersed in a possible marital conflict in the backyard. Beneath these interactions, tunneled through the bedrock foundation supporting their home and private world are seven World War I sappers immersed in a defensive operation, seen through a cross-section trench or sap.

Thomas Doyle Contemporary Artist Miniatures

“Sapper” provides Doyle’s insights and commentary on everyday domesticity; at any time conflict equal to a well-executed military operation may exist together with the calm space provided by the American Dream home. It moves us to consider the anxieties that both exist and invade everyday life and how these fears motivate us to either further engage or retreat from the resulting dangers.

Thomas Doyle Contemporary Artist Miniatures

Mr. Doyle creates highly stylized and intricate narratives with psychological implications through small scale, mixed media environments and miniature settings in 1:87 inch scale or smaller. His vignettes often focus on suburban life, portrayals of the classic American Dream home juxtaposed with the interaction of man versus the forces of nature, the contemporary struggle of man against man, and man against his own personal fears. His work compels us all to think, wonder, interpret and question not only his art but ourselves. The physical use of small scale enables him to transport us from the vastness of our real world and society into a smaller more intimate world and creates an immediate escape into the narrative.  


Thomas Doyle Contemporary Art Minaitures

About Thomas Doyle

Born in Grand Haven Michigan, Mr. Doyle is now a long-time New York resident.  He has shown his sculptures at galleries and museums across the United States and in London, Los Angeles, Flornce, Seoul and Beijing.    His first solo exhibition “If the Creek Don’t Rise” is on view at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York through May 8, 2016. 




Sunday, April 17

We had a lovely open house celebration of new work on display by Thomas Doyle.  Mr. Doyle was on hand to greet guests and to answer questions about his work.  The event tied in with the RiverArts Studio Tour, the annual mulit-village adverture featuring artists who open their studios to guests to share their work.   


A BIG thanks to those who came by, especially Mr. Doyle, it was a lovely afternoon!

Thomas Doyle Art Exhibition dollhouse miniatures

Atomic Fusion: The Zen Artistry of Michael Yurkovic

March 5 - May 2, 2016

Renowned for furniture, accessories and vignettes capturing the fusion of the Atomic Age with Mid-Century Modern design, IGMA artisan Michael Yurkovic’s work draws upon his study of industrial design, his career as a successful toy and game designer and inspiration of the MCM design movement.  His unique creative process includes use of fine materials including hardwoods, molded plywood and vinyl and processes consistent with the atomic age period such as crafting in metals, wires and thermoformable plastics.  

Michael Yurkovic

Yurkovic’s home/workshop contains numerous life-size mid-century modern furnishings reflecting his personal lifestyle and serves as daily inspiration. This meditative space helps to create a balanced quality of life personal and work life; he intuitively knows when a piece is complete based on personal satisfaction and he rarely revisits or tweaks a piece. This Zen-like approach to work embodies his focus on simplicity and intuition rather than fixating on a goal or conventional thinking.

Michael Yurkovic

This special exhibit will include signature pieces from Yurkovic’s portfolio including the recently completed vignette “MCM Yellow” and invites us to experience his personal interpretations of classic MCM style and the influence of street art, graffiti and interpretive theatre, prominent in his everyday life.

Michael Yurkovic

Open House Event with Michael Yurkovic

Sunday March 6, 2016

at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures


A Great BIG Thank you to all who came out for the Open House celebration held in the shop/gallery at D. Thomas Fine Miniatures on Sunday March 6th.  It was a lovely afternoon which highlighted the latest exhibition featuring the incredible work of IGMA Artisan Member Michael Yurkovic of Atomic Miniature.   More on our our blog!


Michael Yurkovic Art Exhibition

Still Life in Miniature


Winter 2015/16

Now through February 16, 2016


Bridging traditional art with fine miniatures, Natasha Beshenkovsky is renowned for her 1/12th scale works drawing on her deep roots as a classically trained artist and graduate of the Moscow Art School. 

Natasha Beshencovsky

Her signature creations including decorated furniture, room screens, and oil paintings are inspired by her study and love of the  works of the Dutch Masters, deHoch, Bonnard and Chardin.

Natasha Beshencovsky dollhouse miniatures

3D shadowboxes, no larger than 3- to 4-inches in depth, resemble miniature theatrical settings with various layers including hand-painted furniture, flora, food items, and figurines. Her work engages and invites the viewer into the setting to fully experience the emotions of that specific place in time.


More on Natasha in our latest blog post.  Purchase inquiries here.

Natasha Beshencovsky dollhouse miniatures

In the Gallery/Fall 2015

Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window

by Louise Krasniewicz

Rear Window by Louise Krasniewicz
Rear Window by Louise Krasniewicz

Open House Event

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Special Guest: Artist Louise Krasniewicz


Rear Window by Louise Krasniewicz
Rear Window by Louise Krasniewicz Darren Scala
Rear Window by Louise Krasniewicz
Rear Window by Louise Krasniewicz
Rear Window by Louise Krasniewicz

In the Gallery Spring/Summer 2015

Alma de Espana 

by Hernán Buljevich


Alma de Espana Hernan Buljevich
Alma de Espana Hernan Buljevich logo
Alma de Espana Hernan Buljevich
Alma de Espana Hernan Buljevich
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