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Boys and Their Dollhouses

Boys do play with dollhouses, but not just any old dollhouses...these structures ain't no little girl playthings. We found examples of some very talented boys who do play with dollhouses....they just happen to be magnificent houses!

(Photo above: Chris Toledo)

Gabriel Eden James

A relative newcomer to the world of miniatures, Gabriel Eden James from Luxury Miniature Real Estate creates bespoke structures with gothic-like detail using stunning aging techniques. One such structure contains a 24 carat gold leaf roof inspired by the decorative roof featured at the Palace of Versailles.

Laurent Seigle-Dias

Inspired by Paris and the City of Love where he resides, miniaturist and model-maker Laurent Seigle-Dias creates gorgeous, highly-detailed structures using his creative talents and experience working in the fashion design industry. More on Mr. Seigle-Dias and his work here.

Chris Toledo

Chris Toledo doesn't just build dollhouses...he creates incredible magic and illusion in one-twelfth scale. His period style structures are awesome examples of miniature perfection! Check out his Instagram account @IBuildSmallThings for more pictures of his work including behind-the-scenes images which show his creative process.

Wern Newydd

Founded in 1989, Wern Newydd's company Dolls House Direct is the largest manufacturer of dolls houses in the UK. With over 20 kits featuring gorgeously designed doll houses, there's a perfect house for the collector who may be ready to take the next step in this wonderful world of miniatures!

Connor Kingwell

A relative newcomer to the world of dollhouses, high schooler from Great Britain Connor Kingwell enjoys his modern design dollhouse where his miniature interiors rival anything you'd ever find on HGTV!

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D. Thomas Miniatures is a retail and gallery destination featuring top quality collectibles including 1/12th scale structure, furniture and accessories. The concept, designed to appeal to collectors, crafters and enthusiasts was created, in part, to raise awareness of miniatures as a decorative art form and to introduce the discipline not only to a new generation but to those who may just be discovering it! The gallery space showcases work in miniature by well-known artists from all over the world.

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