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Meet BadAss Artist: Juli Steel

Welcome to Badass Miniatures...Causing a Little Trouble, a provocative and alternative exhibit of multimedia artworks, most created in classic miniature scale, with a substantially larger impact.

We're excited for you to meet some of the miniaturists featured in the exhibition including Juli Steel, a highly spiritual artist who creates scenes in various stages of decay, with ghost-like qualities.

She is a well established assemblage artist who creates both full-sized pieces and miniature works of art. Her entry is one of the largest pieces in the show in overall size and scope (22” high by 12” wide by 9" deep) but within it contains a vivid assortment of vignettes that are not only diminutive, but haunting.

According to Juli, who works from her vintage home in Fort Worth, Texas, “There are no boundaries to the expanse of my imagination. This same lack of boundaries is evident in my creations. I have a deep affinity for the old, damaged, discarded and forgotten pieces and parts found in junkyards and flea markets. Invariably, while wandering through, I will find at least one item that speaks to me with the voice of inspiration and sparks an urge to create.” Aptly, given her affinity for the eery and ethereal, her piece is entitled, “The Forgotten.

The vintage dress form contains a center staircase and on its multiple levels therein lie miniature scenes of the chaos and wonder she has brought to the table with this piece. The armholes, neck and chest openings provide glimpses into this celestial world, one which mystifies and transfixes the viewer at every turn.

A self-taught artist of vast ability, Juli was right on target in creating a Badass Miniature that pushes boundaries and redefines what a modern-day dollhouse could be. Juli sells her works through her business, Twisted Copper Forest on Etsy.

About BadAss Miniatures

Over 30 artists cause a little trouble by creating tiny art without boundaries. Defiant, quirky, and slightly uncomfortable. Welcome to the disobedient dollhouse.

BadAss Miniatures presents emerging perspectives in the miniature arts: an exhibition of original works in the miniature form contributed by artists from across the United States and abroad. Featured works represent a novel movement that challenges the status quo in the miniature art form through the presentation of unconventional ideas and concepts and the quirky, outlandish, surprising use of miniatures. “BadAss” aims to push the envelope on the traditional (rethink the dollhouse!) with an edgy and bold attitude showcasing the most jaw-dropping, surprising—maybe even shocking—miniature badassery to hit the 21st century.

BadAss was developed through the ongoing collaboration of Darren Scala and Kate Ünver, founder of dailymini, to push the boundaries of our traditional use of miniatures by spotlighting the edgy and bold attitudes of today’s artists.

BadAss Miniatures is on view through July 22, 2018 at YoHo Studios, 540-578 Nepperhan Avenue, Studio #566 in Yonkers, NY. Gallery hours are by appointment on Wednesday and Thursday 3-7pm and Saturday 11am-7pm. Hours are subject to change - visitors should call ahead.

For more information about BadAss Miniatures, please contact Darren T. Scala at D. Thomas Miniatures or visit For the latest innovations and news in miniature art, please visit

Exhibition Director: Donald Morcone

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