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D. Thomas Miniatures Partners with Major Brands
Making Mini Magic!

Video Game Release
September 202

To celebrate the full release of Grounded 1.0, we created this small scale 3D treehouse inspired by the builds one can achieve while playing this popular online video game. Grounded is chock full of mini inspiration as a cast of tiny characters are plopped down in a backyard and tasked with trying to navigate a full scale virtual backyard.  This build was inspired by digital builds which players can created online to help protect the little folks from the big bad online critters and otherworldly elements.
Livestreams & Talk Topics 
featuring Impactful Influencers

D. Thomas Miniatures partnered with to present a series of talk with influencers in the mini world including dollhouse architect Kristine Hanna from Paper Doll Miniatures who created The Brentwood, a modern, traditional dollhouse with an open floor plan and a walk in closet!

Meet the Miniaturist Kristin Hanna

Dopl NYC
Making a Mini Me!
3D Miniatures in Perfect Scale
Fall 2021

The good folks over at Dopl, the 3D miniatures marvelizers invited me to test out their awesome technology which literally shrinks you down to small scale.  Here are the results!

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