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NEW: D. Thomas MiniVersity!

D. Thomas Miniatures is excited to launch its new D. Thomas MiniVersity Program featuring livestream and pre-recorded instructional "courses" about...miniatures and includes lectures, demonstrations, virtual field trips, independent study, class projects, mini making, and more.


D. Thomas MiniVersity is for hobbyists, makers, artists, collectors and all around miniatures enthusiasts to help mini students to learn and grow as members of the miniatures community. Courses are mostly free with a cost at times, especially for artist-led miniature making classes which will include instructor and material fees.

Small Scale Knitting: Tips & Tools
Julie Steiner | Ridiculously Tiny Things
Spring 2024


Top Tools for Miniaturists 101
Ann PennyPacker | A Mini Thing
Spring 2024

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How to Spot a Really Great Miniature 101
Darren Scala | D. Thomas Miniatures 
Spring 2024

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