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FAQ Selling Your Collection

Are you thinking of selling your adored collection of miniatures?  Let's talk!  I'm happy to can take you through all of your options for finding new homes for your tiny treasures treasures, including working with me to sell on your behalf!  I'm a quick phone call or text away at 914-548-1984.

D. Thomas Miniatures Estate Sale

Perhaps you are downsizing your collection of miniatures or looking to make room for more miniatures (who knew little things take up so much space?!); Perhaps you have concerns that your collection will be ushered into the right hands after you’ve moved on to a bigger and better mini world beyond. Let's connect and chat about your options for finding happy homes for your tiny treasures and the services I provide which will ease your mind and ease your heart at the same time while transition your collection to happy new homes.

D. Thomas Miniatures Estate Sales Dollhouse Miniatures

Here are several FAQs to help address som of the questions you might have before you think about selling your treasures and finding new homes for your miniatures.

How do I Assess My Collection of Dollhouse Miniatures?

The very first step when thinking of selling your collection is to take a good look at the types of miniatures you have in your collection.  Are they mostly artisan (individually hand-crafted) pieces?  Do you have more high-quality manufactured items (Bespaq, JPB, Fantastic Merchandise) or do you have a selection of commercial ("store bought" and "off the shelf") things from companies like Houseworks and Chrysnbon.  Most miniatures collectors have a combination of these types of miniatures.

D. Thomas Miniatures Estate Sale Auctions

Where are the Best Places to Donate My Collection of Miniatures?

There are many options should you decide you would like to donate your adored treasures.  You can donate your collection to an arts museum, library, school arts organization or to a miniatures organization like IGMA or NAME.  You can donate to a church or consign with a thrift shop.  Keep in mind that not all museums have the space, staffing, and resources and if your collection doesn't have significant historical value, then this may not be the best option.

D. Thomas Miniatures Estate Sale Auctions

Can You Draft an Sales Agreement in Advance of My Passing?

Absolutely! I'm happy to work with you to put your wishes in writing to make sure your estate is handled the way you want after you have moved on to a bigger, mini world!  We can agree to any terms in advance so that your family is aware of how you want your treasures to be treated and to make sure your miniatures end up being cared for and adored.

D. Thomas Miniatures Estate Sale Auctions

What Are Some of the Selling Services Offered by D. Thomas Miniatures 

If you decided you wanted to work with D. Thomas Miniatures to help sell your collection, I would handle all of the cataloguing, photography,  marketing and promotion of the sale,  Additionally, I handle any light clean up and fixing necessary to make pieces ready for sale.  I write all of the product descriptions, take measurements and do inventory assessment.  I also provide an estimated sale value of the collection at auction.  

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