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D. Thomas Miniatures... IN THE NEWS!


New York, New York 

October 29, 2020 

The Biggest Little Christmas Showdown

“On Friday, November 27, at 9 p.m. ET/PT, the fun competition continues in the quirky new four-part series, Biggest Little Christmas Showdown. Hosted by Tony Award®-winning actor James Monroe Iglehart, the series spotlights the country’s top miniaturists as they vie to build beautiful tiny homes. The winning miniature will be replicated into a full-size vacation retreat!

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BLCS pic 1.png

The Rivertowns Enterprise

Westchester County, New York 

December 4, 2020

TV Showdown Showcases Talent for Tiny

by Jackie Lupo

Darren T. Scala of Yonkers and May Burnett of Dobbs Ferry are about to prove that miniatures are ready for the big time. Tonight (Dec. 4) at 9 p.m., the pair will be pitted against two other teams on a new four-part HGTV series, "Biggest Little Christmas Showdown.”  Their challenge is to create a miniature structure, furnished with tiny objects, based on the theme "A Charles Dickens Christmas “miniature

Scala said that to capture the judges' imagination, their design had to have a unique concept - not the typical "Ebenezer Scrooge's office" that the producers' prompt might suggest. "We wanted it to be whimsical and magical," he said. "So, we did a fair amount of research on Dickens himself, his writing, his whole gestalt, creating a fictional story that was our own and that aligned with the theme.”

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Journal News/LoHud

Westchester County New York 

June 2018

Tiny and Provocative Art at YoHo Studio

by Michelle Falkenstein


If the word “miniatures” conjures up images of tiny porcelain dollies pouring tea into miniscule teacups, an exhibition in Yonkers is about to change that...."

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New York Magazine

September 2017

The Everything Guide to Mini Mania

by Katie Schnieder


There’s a photo on @dailymini, an Instagram account dedicated to teeny-tiny replicas of everyday objects, of a postage-stamp-size bag of M&Ms spilling over with chocolates, each smaller than a grain of quinoa...."


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New York Magazine Eveything Guide Mini Mania

ArtNet News 

June 2017

These Artists are Leading a Miniature Rebellion

by Sarah Cascone


Dollhouses against Donald Trump? It’s not as ridiculous as it might seem. An upcoming show, “WEE#RESIST,” sees 12 miniature artists banding together to address cultural and political issues in an adorable, small-scale rebellion."


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WeeResist Pat O'Brien Tiny Escapes

Westchester Business Journal 

April 2017

The Big Day Preserved in Mini Mementos

by Jena A. Butterfield


The bride’s wedding dress is a strapless confection of lace and tulle with a fitted bodice and a flowing train that’s been painstakingly stitched and detailed just for her by an artisan in Italy".


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Darren T. Scala MyTrueSo

WAG Magazine

April 2017

The Big Day Preserved in Mini Mementos

by Jena A. Butterfield


The bride’s wedding dress is a strapless confection of lace and tulle with a fitted bodice and a flowing train that’s been painstakingly stitched and detailed just for her by an artisan in Italy".


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MyTrueSo Minatures

DollHouse Miniatures Magazine

April 2017

Your Home in Miniature

by Donald Morcone for D. Thomas Fine Miniatures


From the study of paleontology to the creation of architectural miniatures: the lifelong artitic journey Gerard Klein Hofmeijer."

New York Times

Fashion & Style

May 2016

Miniacs Live in a Small, Small World

by Abby Ellin


Miniatures of all kinds are huge among young adults, who are rethinking dollhouse,” said Darren Scala, the owner of D. Thomas Fine Miniatures, in Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y., and a trustee of the International Guild of Miniature Artisans. “It’s about a return to the physical, being able to touch and handle and actually play with something tactile.”


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New York Times Miniacs in a Smal World

Westchester Magazine

March 2016

32 Shops We Love: New Notable and Niche Retail Gems!


"The underappreciated art form of miniatures appears larger than life at this new retail store, gallery and exhibition space.  With a passion for miniatures since childhood, Brooklyn-born artist Darren Thomas Scala amazes with his collection of artisan dollhouses and top quality collectibles catering to both the lifelong mniature enthusiasts and the newly interested hobbiest. "

Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine

March 2016

Nybelwyck Hall, Hudson River Museum Yonkers, NY

by Donald Morcone for D. Thomas Fine Miniatures


"Mr. Scala frequently presents the tale of the Van Nybelwycks and the story of its creation to museum visitors, miniature enthusiasts, and students of the Victorian era of decorative arts."

Miniature Collector Magazine

March 2016

Gallery Feature: Natasha Beshenkovsky


"The centerpiece of the exhibition, "Natasha Beshenkovsky: Still Life in Miniature" was "Kitchen Delft" which depicts an interor scene inspired by 17the century painter Peter de Hooch.

Rivertown's Enterprise

December 4, 2015

by Jackie Lupo


"The Hudson River Museum pulls out all the stops when it comes to decorating its Victorian-era home, Glenview, for the holidays.  Its intricately carved mantelpieces, ornate staircases and many nooks and crannies are lavished with greenery, glitter, ribons and ornaments.

Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine 

December 2015/January 2016


"Come and experience a life's journey expressed through the fine miniatures within the master artistry of Natasha Beshenkovsky."

by Donald Morcone 


WAG Magazine

Westchester NY

December, 2015


"For Louise Krasniewicz, it's a small world after all...."

The Current/WHOH-TV

Hastings-on-Hudson NY

November, 2015


"In our tiny little village, down a tiny little alley, sits a tiny little shop, that's making, ironically, a big splash in the world of tiny art.....part craft shop and part art gallery and packing an enormous punch when it comes to the wow factor."

Westchester Magazine

Westchester County, NY

November, 2015


"Miniatures have the abiliy to transport the viewer to a place of wonder. They challenge the senses, especially when something is made so beautifully and intricatley that you don't quite know how."

The Journal News

Westchester, NY

September 24, 2015


"Miniatures used to be more about toys," explains Scala. "These days it's more about art.  People are seeing them in a way that lets them appreciate the workmanship and quality. Miniatures truly capture the imagination and provide opportunities to dream, discover and explore."

The Cone

August 8, 2015

"In such a short time one man's passion has served as an eye-opener to me and so many others about a unique decorative art form that is often considered a child's plaything or crazy Aunt Sally's dusty obsession.  Through recongnition and appreciation fo these intricate, tiny treasures we can study the vast world, rich with large cultures, themes, ideas, in microcosm, through fine minature scale art."

Westchester Home Magazine

Westchester, NY

June, 2015

..."a store brimming with artisan dollhouses and fine-scale collectibles" 

Miniature Collector Magazine

June, 2015


"The miniatures community is a buzz about a new brick and mortar store opening..."  Owner Darren T. Scala says "I've set out to introduce minatures in a physical environment through face to face social interaction where people can actually see, feel and touch these beautiful objects."

Westchester Family Magazine

Westchester, NY 

May, 2015

"Bigger is not always better is proven in this delightful new store featuring artisan dollhouses and fine scale collectibles...."


Dollhouse Miniatures Magazine

May/June 2015


"Dreams do come true....Bigger is not always better is proven in this delightful new store featuring artisan dollhouses and fine scale collectibles...."


The Rivertowns PATCH

April 15, 2015

"Beautiful things come in small packages. And D. Thomas Fine Miniatures proves it! Hastings-on-Hudson has just welcomed a unique new storefront devoted to the fine art of miniatures turning our ideas of what dollhouse furniture is on its head." 


The Examiner News

March, 2015

by Pat Casey


"Looking into a miniature recreation of an historical or even modern day room scene is very compelling and pulls the viewer into a perspective that creates a different experience for everyone."

WAG Magazine

November 28, 2014


by Georgette Gouveia

Photographs by Bob Rozycki


"The cozy shop – all woods and chocolate brown paint – also contains cabinets laden with small treasures – jewelry and other gift items – for those who’d like to dip a teeny-tiny toe into the miniaturist market."


November 28, 2014 

New Shop Showcases Artforms at 1/12th Scale

by Hilari Graff

Photographs by Tim Lamorte


"Size matters to Darren Thomas Scala - and for him, small is spectacular. To raise awareness of miniatures as a decorative and creative expression of art, Scala opened D. Thomas Fine Miniatures last week in the Moviehouse Mews on Warburton Avenue in Hasting."


December 16, 2014 

D. Thomas Fine Miniatures Shop Opens in Hastings 

by Jim Barg

Photographs by D. Thomas


"D. Thomas Fine Miniatures, a retail store featuring artisan dollhouses and collectibles, recently opened at 579 Warburton Avenue No 6.  The shop is in the Movie House Mews, a converted theater built in 1920 and restored as a commercial space."

Miniature Collector Magazine

November  2014 

Featured work in miniature

Guild School Castine, ME 

by Ann Day Smith

Photographs by Barbara Davis

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