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Register to attend our LIVE Zoominar events and join us when we connect with awesome miniaturists.  We'll get to know more about talented artists, collectors, enthusiasts, makers, mini movers and the shakers in our community.  We'll hear about their inspirations, their creative processes and discover more about the contributions they make to the mini world. 

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Meet the Miniaturist: 

The Buckalter Estate Sale Auctioneer

Fall 2021 Auction

Join me for a special Meet the Miniaturist: Auctioneer Edition when I shared a preview of pieces from the Buckalter Estate collection in preparation for the Fall 2021 Estate Sale on in October.

I talked about how to spot a fine miniature, what to look for when purchasing quality pieces and best practices for participating in an online auction. 

Thank you to all of those who participated, whether to watch or bid to purchase!

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Meet the Miniaturist: Museum Edition



In this special edition of Meet the Miniaturist, I was joined by Chris Mullen, the Senior Marketing & Communications Coordinator from The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco. Chris is a storyteller, content creator and an important part of the Guest Experience team at the museum.

We had a terrific chat with Chris coming to us from the miniatures gallery at the museum where he talked about Walt Disney's life and passion for miniatures and how they influenced the remarkable work he created which helped him American legend. We saw photos of Disney's miniatures and got a look a scale version of Disneylandia, the early concept of what will later become the iconic DisneyLand.

It was great to learn how much passion Walt Disney had for miniatures and just how impactful this was to the wonderful world he created!


Let's Talk About....LIGHTING!


Lighting is just about everything when it comes to bringing your miniatures to life! As in the real world, lighting sets the mood and creates drama to a roombox, dollhouse or vignette and adds a level of realism to your miniatures. Most importantly, and at a basic level, it allows you too actually SEE all of the tiny details you don't want to miss!

Lighting however doesn’t have to be a daunting task! It’s a lot easier to accomplish than you think and today, there are more alternatives and options which cater to your own skill levels and interests and goals to help brighten things up!

I take you through options for lighting miniatures and show you how simple it can be is brighten things up. I also share examples of how lighting can bring your miniatures to life! 

Look for a special guest appearance by miniaturist Cindy Coons and The Queen (her 13 room fully lit dollhouse!) 

This talk was sponsored by HBS/, bringing miniatures and supplies to enthusiasts since 1975!


Meet the Miniaturist:

Glen Erick Anderson

Fine Scale Furniture 

Meet miniaturist  Glen Erick Anderson, (Instagram: @keendersonminiatures) – a hidden gem in the mini world with some really impressive miniature woodworking skills.

Glen went from building airplane and motorcycle models from kits as a kid to building fine scale miniatures in a broad range of styles including those from the Arts & Crafts movement.

We had a chat with Glen, saw more of his work, talked technique and technology and even got a guided tour around his awesome shop/studio!

This should be super!


Meet the Miniaturist: Museum Edition

Livestream From Museum Arts & Design NYC 

Screen Shot 2021-08-07 at 8.40.21 AM.png

I was onsite at the Museum of Arts and Design on Columbus Circle in New York City for special evening museum edition of Meet the Miniaturist for a chat with Caroline Hannah, curator of the Joanna Fisher Dollhouse Exhibition on view through September 26, 2021.

Ms. Hannah took us on a private tour of the dollhouse and talked about how her background as a design historian helped shaped the narrative for the exhibition and she shared her thoughts on the significance of miniatures as a contemporary art form.  


We were then be met by Joanna Fisher, the visionary behind the Venetian Palazzo in Miniature to talk about her passion for miniatures and why crafting this dollhouse helped her manage through the early days of the Covid-19 Pandemic. This was a terrific liverstream!


Meet the Miniaturist

Esther Marker 

3D Fine Miniature Art

I had a special Meet the Miniaturist  and was joined by miniaturist Esther Marker, from Trivandrum, India, who crafts the most awesome small scale hand-painted lamps and lighting fixtures using 3D technology.

Esther is self-taught and uses 3D printing along with some seriously exceptional painting and designing skills to create pieces inspired by jewel toned stained glass Tiffany lamps.

We’ll had a chat with Ester, heard more about her work and got a close up view of how she uses 3D printing to make her super lovely miniatures.

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Let's Talk About...

Doll Housing in the 2020s

Sponsored by HBS/

Let’s talk about Doll Housing in the 2020s and the explosion in popularity of the dollhouse and miniatures hobby over the past few years! 


I'll take you through the history of the dollhouse from its early beginnings up to today. Then I'll share my thoughts on how this movement has provided opportunities for enthusiasts everywhere to get in on the fun of small scale treasuring and the many ways you can find inspiration, resources and entire communities to help you be part of this great BIG little world!

This talk is sponsored by HBS/ which has been supplying dollhouse miniatures, tools and supplies to enthusiasts since 1975!

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Meet the Miniaturist: Museum Edition

Dollhouse: Miniature Worlds of Wonder 

Royal Trust of Australia (Victoria) Virtual Tour

We had a very special Meet the Miniaturist: Museum Edition - viewers were treated to a live virtual tour of Doll House: Miniature Worlds of Wonder, a new exhibition at the historic Como House in Melbourne Australia curated by the National Trust of Australia.

From the museum’s website: "Step inside the doll house and lose yourself in a miniature world of wonder and intrigue.
Exploring the doll house from its traditional form to the space it occupies in the virtual and intangible worlds, Doll House will transport visitors into the creative and subversive world of the doll house and miniature life.

The exhibition features over 35 doll houses, furniture and accessories drawn from private collections, showcasing previously unseen houses from the 1880s to the present day. Together with furniture, accessories, ephemera and virtual experiences, Doll House unlocks the imagination of makers, collectors, activists and players and reveals the stories hidden in their miniature worlds.

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Meet the Miniaturist

More Creatin' Contest Winners


Dianne-Gordon-4 (1).jpg

Get ready to meet more winners from the popular Creatin' Contest, hosted each year by the folks over at HBS/! For 27 years, the Creatin' Contest has excited, motivated, and inspired miniaturists from all over the world to create award-winning treasures in small scale, starting only with a simple kit and by adding skillful talents and gifted imaginations.

We meet Dianne Gordon, granted a Third Place Win by wowing the judges with her Cheese Cellar complete with a wine pairing set up atop wooden barrels; First Time Entry Winner Montana Marshall, from Portland Oregon, who created Demon Barber of Fleet Street inspired by Broadway’s celebrated, but bloody musical, Sweeney Todd and Ess Raja, another First Time Entry Winner, from Houston Texas, who created Primrose Cottage, created with a mix of hand-crafted work as well as pieces from her personal collection.

We had a chat with each winner, heard about their mini-inspirations, learned more about their craft and saw their work up close!

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Meet the Miniaturist

Heidi Athay

Tiny Graceland!

Meet miniaturist Heidi Athay from @TinyGraceland (IG). Heidi is scratch building a 1/24 scale model of Graceland, the home of rock and roll superstar Elvis Presley.  We are (all) shook (up)!

Heidi is a lifelong Elvis fan with a background in the creative arts (film/tv/animation) but not working in miniature. During the lockdown she decided to take on this ambitious project.

We had a chat with Heidi via Instagram Live, took a look at the latest developments on her tiny Graceland and heard more about her trials and tribulations getting all of the parts just right!

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Let's Talk About...Mini Doors!

with D. Thomas Miniatures


Let’s talk about…miniature DOORS! Those small portals which open our minds to a world of wonder and imagination. (Photo: courtesy of Adam Koch from @dollhousetherapy).


Here is the replay from my live talk sponsored by HBS/ about tiny doors. I talked about what is so cool about mini doors (why do they fascinate us!) and how you can make the most of them when you’re working on a dollhouse or miniature project. This talk includes a discussion around styles, materials and accessories available and help you make sense of all options that are out there.


I also covered the tiny door movement and how this trend continues to delight miniatures enthusiasts and everyday folks everywhere. And finally, I had on a special guest, arts educator, May Burnett from Dobbs Ferry New York who shared an awesome mini Steampunk inspired door project so you can get in on all the mini door fun! This was a blast!

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Meet the Miniaturist:

Lauren Dodge

A Southern Gothic Dollhouse  

We had a special Meet the Miniaturist featuring Lauren Dodge from @SouthernGothicDollhouse. Lauren has a growing social media following with folks drawn to her creative vision which uses a dollhouse as her medium.


Ms. Dodge is a multimedia artist and product designer from the San Francisco Bay area with a love of oddities and other curiosities. She’s best known for hosting Halloween parties filled with her hand-crafted props and decorations.

Lauren only recently discovered doll housing and has spent the last year bashing the Beacon Hill kit by Greenleaf, combining her passion for Southern Gothic design with interest in the narratives by some of her favorite authors in literature including Shirley Jackson and Toni Morrison.


Lauren has also been able to make her creation a collaborative effort by commissioning artists to contribute work and gaining input from her followers on how to best bring her dollhouse to life. Her grand plans for the house includes spooky gothic elements like a “swamp tub,” a haunted piano and a séance room with a spirit-enabled flickering chandelier.


We had a chat with Lauren, learned more about her artistic process, heard about her impactful creative techniques and talked about how she’s been able to push the boundaries of traditional dollhouse design.

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Patrons Club Event

The Joanna Fisher Dollhouse


Join me for a live Patrons Club event to thank those who have contributed to my Meet the Miniaturist programming efforts here


I'll be sharing my thoughts and observations (along with photos and video) from my recent trip to the Museum of the Arts and Design in New York City to see the new exhibition featuring the Joanna Fisher Dollhouse: A Venetian Palazzo in Miniature. I'll keep the chat box open throughout and take your questions and comments. This will be fun!

Thank you for being a part of the D. Thomas Miniatures Patron Club - I look forward to creating additional exclusive programming to thank you for all your support and contributions to my Meet the Miniaturist series. If you enjoy my content, then please consider continuing to support my channel here:

Thank you for being a BIG part of the D. Thomas Miniatures community!

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Meet the Miniaturist:

Linda Facci/Felt Artist


Meet the Miniaturist: Linda Facci, the Dog Felterer from @FacciDesigns (IG). Linda is a self-professed "craft maven" with an extensive design background working in television, magazines and the online media world.

While Linda has had much success in commercial design, it's her tiny 3D sculptures and recreations of cherished pets crafted in felt which makes her a popular hit in the miniatures world!

We met up with Linda on Instagram, got a tour of her studio, talked about her awesome craft and even got a chance to see some of her work in progress!

Catch the replay from this terrific Instagram  event!

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Screen Shot 2021-04-29 at 10.14.59

Meet the Miniaturist

The Guild Edition


Meet the Miniaturists from The International Guild of Miniature Artisans (IGMA), the largest non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the fine art of the miniature.

We had a chat with leaders from The Guild, learned all about the educational programs they offer, the extensive artisan/fellow credentialing process and heard from a founding charter member about why it's more important than ever to continue the mission to raise the level of awareness of this important art form - This was terrific!

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Meet the Miniaturist

Museum Edition

Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls & Toys

Meet the miniaturist Wendy Littlepage, director of the Denver Museum of Miniatures, Dolls and Toys in Denver, Colorado.

DMMDT was founded in 1981 by a group of artists, business owners and civic leaders. After a 2 year hiatus, the museum is now in a new, larger location and home to over 20,000 objects.

Wendy treated us to a virtual tour of the museum which includes an impressive assortment of doll houses, roomboxes and artisan miniatures.  This was super!

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Meet the Miniaturist

 Craig Labenz

Small Scale Furniture & Structure

Craig is a freelance visual designer and WordPress developer who has had a passion for miniatures since he was a kid (sound familiar?).

Craig's technical miniature making skills are unmatched. Most of his work centers around recreating period furniture, environments and other objects (metal work!) in fine scale. He is quickly earning "master miniaturist" status and we wish he would quit his day job so there would be more of his awesome miniatures in the world!

We spoke with Craig, got to see his tiny treasures, tools and workspace. He's equally comfortable working with hardwood as he is with metals. He really helped us understand what puts the "fine" in fine miniature!

This was super and a real treat!

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Meet the Miniaturist

Nicholas Busch

The Photographers Edition

Meet miniaturist Nicholas Busch, from Nicholas Busch Photography, a scale model builder with a background in portrait photography and the digital arts.

Nicholas has been honing his skills making scratch built miniatures over the past several years, focusing on the fantasy genre, creating sets and structures in very small scale (1:35). He uses his photography skills to bring his miniatures to life and then adds even more drama and mystique by adding digital elements to finalize his work.

​We had a chat with Nicholas, heard more about his work and discussed some of the tricks, tools and techniques for using photography to bring his work to a whole other level of  drama.

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Screen Shot 2021-04-19 at 6.20.56 PM.png

All About Glue! 

with Darren T. Scala (me!) 


Let's Talk Glue - always a sticky topic!

Which glue to use for what, when and how often ends up being such a touchy subject, especially for those who are just starting out making miniatures or working on a dollhouse project.

Join me for this special edition of Meet the Miniaturist where I'll share my knowledge of the right glues to use for your project and the best ways to use them to achieve the best results. I’ll also demonstrate and offer pro tips and tricks for getting things to stick.

Meet the Miniaturist

Amanda Kelly

The 3D MiniTechnologist

Meet Virginia-based artist and educator Amanda Kelly from Panda Miniatures, winner of Episode 1 of HGTV's The Biggest Little Christmas Showdown and best known for her work as a Badass Miniaturist of cutting edge work. Many of her miniatures are crafted using 3D technology and she is leading the way using this tool to craft in small scale.

We had a chat with Amanda, talked more about her work and got a close up view of her 3D printer. We also got a demonstration of how she uses this tool to create some of her awesome miniatures and got questions answered we had!

This was inspiring and educational!


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Meet the Miniaturist

Steve Putnam

The Must-See Dutch Cabinet House

Steve is multi-disciplined artist from the UK who has had a passion for miniatures since childhood inspired by his grandfather, who was a model maker.

Steve studied fine art and has broad experience in set design, high-end retail display and (award winning!) landscape architecture. It's his miniatures, however, that deserve a prize!

We had a chat with Steve and learned more about his passion, got a tour of the uber-fabulous Dutch cabinet house he created and saw some of the fine artisan miniatures he has collected to fill the structure.

This was super!

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Meet the Miniaturist: The Winners Edition!

HBS/ Creatin' Contest Winners

Meet the winners from the annual HBS/ Creatin' Contest!

For 27 years, the Creatin' Contest has excited, motivated and inspired miniaturists from all over the world to use a simple kit and add a lively imagination to create award winning tiny treasures.

We had a chat with Gina Zetts (IG: @letties.dollhouse) who received Honorable Mention, Meghan Boos (IG: @Dollhouse_Smithery), First Time Entry Winner and Grand Prize Winner Rebecca Reckin (IG: @MelodyOfMiniatures).

We heard all about their mini inspirations, learned more about their work and saw their winning entries!

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Meet the Miniaturist 

Jimmy Landers

Open Studio Edition

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 11.25.22

Watch our special Open Studio Edition of Meet the Miniaturist for a return visit with master miniaturist Jimmy Landers to check in on his new project!

Jimmy shared his latest progress on "1891," a massive multi-room mini mansion he is crafting, inspired by a late 19th century Tudor style home he discovered in Connecticut.

1891 is several feet wide and will be tall when it is complete and includes commissioned pieces by some of the most talented miniature artisans who are helping him to bring his vision to life including Jane Graber (pottery), brass (Ron Stetkewicz), lighting (Carl Sahlbert), fixtures (Frank Crescente), stained glass (Barbara Sabia), fireplaces (Sue Cook), kitchen by Terry Harville, among others.

When complete, this stunning miniature structure will include an "unfinished" basement with a period, hand-crafted Octopus furnace complete with "asbestos" covered tubing by Michael Yurkovic.

We got an inside look at developments on the miniature house, talked through some of the techniques Jimmy is using to craft the piece and learned more about his vision for bringing the mini home to completion! We also got to see his workshop and some of this tols!!

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Meet the Miniaturist

Lore Belmont

Belmont Handcrafts 

Lore is a recent graduate with a degree in museum conservation and restoration from Mexico City with a particular interest in antique books and 

Lore shared her knowledge of antique book restoration (in full size!) while giving us a demonstration of how she crafts tiny leather-bound books using traditional book-binding methods.


While Lore may be new to the world of miniatures, her work tells a different story!

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Meet the Miniaturist

Lydia Ricci

Open Studio Edition

Artist Lydia Ricci uses found materials FROM SCRAPS found in junk drawers and the occasional dumpster dive to craft awesome tiny sculptures which tell BIG stories about the world around us. She also uses photography and animation to bring her work to life adding a whole other dimension of surprise and delight to the viewer. 


We spent time getting to know Lydia, got a tour of her  workspace and got to see some recently completed works.

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Meet the Miniaturist: 

Adam Sepulveda

The Dollhouse Rescue Edition

Adam always wanted a dollhouse of his own when he was growing up but was told "boys don't play with dollhouses!" and so he is making up for lost time by acquiring several vintage dollhouses over a short period of time and collaborating with his growing following of enthusiasts as he brings back to life the dollhouses he rescues.


It was a blast chatting with Adam and learning more about this creative soul and talking about his creative mini journey!


You can also follow Adam on Instagram here @bearilynmonroe

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Meet the Miniaturist

Cindy Coons

The Mini Luxury Closet Edition!

Miniatures enthusiast Cindy Coons has been collecting tiny treasures for more than two decades and over that time has amassed an impressive assortment of artisan miniatures.


Her Queen Anne dollhouse is the centerpiece of her collection and includes a hydraulic lift (built by her husband!) to help her reach the lower floors comfortably.  Her miniature luxurious inch-scaled closet is another prize in her collection!

We'll had a chat with Cindy and received a better view of her miniatures including that little black dress and high end-mini shoes filling the wardrobes in her awesome mini closet.

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Screen Shot 2021-02-06 at 11.14.46
high res duffy.jpeg

Meet the Miniaturist: 

Duffy Wineman  

The Collector's Edition!

Curl up on the sofa with a glass of wine and your iPad and join us for a special Saturday evening collector's edition of Meet the Miniaturist featuring Jennifer "Duffy" Wineman!

As a miniaturist for over 40 years, Duffy is a craftsman and collector. She's also highly involved in the miniatures world, as a active member of The Guild, taking classes  at Guild School in Castine Maine, and as previous Guild Show Director. 

Duffy has a gorgeous miniatures collection which includes a custom Graham Wood cottage as well as an extensive assortment of fine artisan pieces.

We'll be treated to a tour of Duffy's dollhouses, hear terrific stories behind her involvement in the mini world and see her wonderful collection.


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Meet the Miniaturist

Juliana Hagel

A Facebook Live Event!

Screen Shot 2021-01-31 at 9.07.15 AM.png

Meet the Miniaturist: Juliana Hagel! Juliana is a super-active, super-involved miniaturist! She's been a volunteer for The Guild and now spends time helping out with NAME. She's also been collecting and taking classes making miniatures for several years and has amassed a HUGE collection of miniatures.


We'll chat with Juliana, talk tiny and see some of the terrific assortment of whimsical and charming miniatures she has in her stash!  This will be super fun!

Link below will take you to Facebook event info. No problem!  We'll post the replay on our YouTube channel next day! 

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Screen Shot 2021-01-26 at 8.44.29 AM.png

The Stettheimer Dollhouse is a darling of the collection at the Museum of the City of New York since it was gifted by the creator's sister 75 years ago.  To celebrate this extraordinary example of miniature art and architecture, the Museum is hosting a new exhibition "The Stettheimer: Up Close." A new exhibition room was created to showcase the dollhouse and never before seen related artifacts have been brought out from the archives.

I had the pleasure of attending the opening event this past December and got a chance to see the exhibition, take photographs and video of the show.  Join me as I share my experience attending the opening, share my observations, photos and video of the dollhouse and talk about The Stettheimer. I'll talk about Carrie Stettheimer, the creator of the dollhouse and tell you all about this extraordinary piece which was known as "outrageously chic" for the time.

Meet the Miniaturist

Charlotte Stokoe

Show Circuit Edition

Meet the Miniaturist Charlotte Stokoe, organizer of the London Dollshouse Festival, the largest showcase of dollhouse miniatures in Europe. Charlotte was bitten by the miniatures bug at an early age and owned a dollshouse shop in London before heading up the festival in 2004.


In 2018, she created the Perfection in Miniature Awards (PIMA) which challenges miniaturists to create the most beautiful miniatures in the world and rewards and recognizes artisans for their masterful creations.

We’ll chat with Charlotte, hear all about the show circuit, how she has impacted the world of miniatures with the PIMA awards and see exclusive video of some of the entrants.

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Screen Shot 2021-01-25 at 3.55.02 PM.png

Small Talk:

The Rise of Miniatures

A Pop Culture Phenomenon

Meet miniaturist Darren T. Scala from D. Thomas Fine Miniatures. Darren has been passionate about miniatures for as long as he can remember.  Darren will share his passion for miniatures and talk about its history from ancient times all the way up until the modern era.


Participants will learn about miniatures and how they currently enjoy a renewed interest and have become quite a pop culture success!

This presentation is for the miniatures-involved enthusiast or for the newbie to miniatures as folks from all ends of the MiniSpectrum can expect to be inspired and encouraged by learning about this great BIG world of TINY. 

Event fees applied upon registration.

learn more .png

Meet the Miniaturist

Rosa Moran

Interior Design Edition

Meet miniaturist Rosa Moran from Simply Living Designs. Rosa always had a knack for interior decorating but was recently inspired to use her talents to create in miniature.

Rosa infuses an industrial farmhouse style in her dollhouses and roomboxes and scratch builds almost everything she uses in her designs. Her impressive display of work lines an art wall in her craft room and keeps her busy updating, adding and adjusting. She recently opened an ETSY shop due to high interest and demand from fans on social media.

​We'll chat with Rosa, hear all about her modern interior aesthetic, her process for pulling together the perfect design elements and maybe get some tips and techniques on how she crafts her pieces in small scale.

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Meet the Miniaturist: The Renovator 

TikTok Sensation Scarlett Stephens-Smith  

Meet miniaturist Scarlett Stephens-Smith from Weston Road Renovation who, with her fiance, recently completed a 2 year renovation of their (real) home while embarking on an ambition effort to recreate the same home in miniature, hand-crafting every tiny object from scratch while documenting her efforts online.

She has since amassed hundreds of thousands of followers, millions of views and has become a TikTok sensation. A Buzzfeed video news story has further expanded interest in her work.

We'll chat with Scarlett and hear all about the creation of her home in miniature, the challenges she faces finding materials to craft her pieces and talk about what it takes to become TikTok famous!

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Meet the Miniaturist: Taylor Poore

Lockdown Edition via Instagram LIVE

Meet miniaturist Taylor Poore (IG @Taypo), a self-described designer of "maximalist" interiors from Brooklyn. Taylor comes from a family of artists and was encouraged at a young age growing up to dabble in dollhouse.

During lockdown, Taylor decided to purchase a second-hand dollhouse and has been spending his time renovating the piece with a highly creative styling and a bold and energetic design.

Watch our first LIVE Instagram as we chatted with Taylor and heard all about his unique aesthetic, how he crafts embellishments to decorate and where he finds pieces to fill his treasure. 

taylor poole.png
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Meet the Miniaturist: Museum Edition

Museum of Miniature Houses, Carmel IN

For the launch of Season 2, we had a special Meet the Miniaturist and were treated to a virtual walk through of the Museum of Miniature Houses in Carmel, Indiana hosted by Executive Director Elaine Mancini.

Elaine shared a small (ha!) sampling of just some of the thousands of miniature objects and dozens of  roomboxes and dollhouses which are on permanent view in the museum.

The museum was created by several Indiana artists and collectors in 1993 in an effort to preserve and promote the fine art of miniatures and has since been visited by over 100,000 people.

This was terrific!

watch now.png
We chat LIVE with some awesome miniaturists.
You're invited to join in on the fun!

Meet the Miniaturist: Fran Sussman

Some Like it Small

Meet the Miniaturist: Fran Sussman from Some Like it Small! Fran recently retired from a career in economic research and policy. While Fran has no formal art training, her comfort with math and love of problem solving has enabled her to work in miniature with precision and an unmatched level of detail to form awesome tiny treasures.

Fran works mostly in 144th scale which means the objects she creates are 144 times as small as the real-life counterparts. Her wonderful work has earned her Artisan status with IGMA, the International Guild of Miniature Artisans. 

We spoke with Fran, talked about what inspires her and how she overcomes some of the challenges of working in such small scale. Fran also talked about the techniques and technologies she uses for achieving small scale success.

This was terrific!

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Meet the Miniaturist: The Winners!

Winning Teams from The Biggest Little Christmas Showdown

Screen Shot 2020-12-14 at 2.29.13 PM.png

We had a very special Meet the Miniaturist Zoominar and welcomed the WINNERS from each episode of HGTV's Biggest Little Christmas Showdown including the finale winners!  

We had a chat with contestants from the show including Amanda Kelly and Bree Sepul
veda (Episode 1/Team Yellow), Darren Scala (me!) and May Burnett (Episode 2/Team Green) and Desiree Johnson and Savannah Sosa (Episode 3/Team Red) and got a behind the scenes look at the making of the miniatures featured on the show and the inside scoop you couldn't hear anywhere else!

Chat box and Q&A was open to answer questions and provide commentary. This was a BLAST!

Thank you for all your support and encouragement for the Meet the Miniaturist series! There is no cost for this programming but If you like what you see and would like to contribute to the development of this ongoing series, follow this link here.

Be sure to sign up at so you never miss an update with available programs and events!

Thank you for being a part of the D. Thomas Miniatures community!

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KSB Collection: Museum Tour 

Christmas 2020 Edition

Kaye Browning/Curator & Founder

We were treated to a virtual tour by Kaye Browning, curator  and founder of the KSB Collection in Maysville, KY. Kaye shared her extraordinary collection of roomboxes and dollhouses decorated for the holidays created by some of the most talented miniaturists in the world.

The tour includes descriptions of expertly crafted tiny objects, masterful room boxes, incredible dollhouses and vignettes set up for Christmas, many created with heartfelt and heartwarming stories of Kaye and her experience growing up in Maysville, Kentucky.

Thank you for all your support for the Meet the Miniaturist series! There is no cost for this programming but if you like what you see and would like to contribute to the development of this ongoing series, follow this link here.

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Meet the Miniaturist: Collectors Edition 

Michael Hogan/Dollhouse Miniature Interiors

We met miniaturist Michael Hogan. Michael is passionate about small scale interior design and focused on creating stylish interior settings for the terrific assortment of hand-crafted artisan miniatures he collects.

We had a casual chat with Michael while he shared his miniatures up close. We heard about how he acquires pieces and received some tips and tricks for how to start your own collection and the best ways to showcase your treasures in a room box, dollhouse or mini scene.  

Bonus: Michael's collection was set up for Christmas, so were treated to view see his holiday miniatures as well! 

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Meet the Miniaturist: Virtual Open Studio Event


Ever wanted to wander into your favorite miniatures artist's studio and take a peek at what's going on? Join us for a virtual open studio event and meet some of your favorite miniaturists as they invite us into their working studios.

Well we wandered in to have a casual chat with each maker and got a chance to take a look the latest creations they are working on. We were able to ask questions and received a few tips and tricks for how they make great minis.

Featured in this special Meet the Miniaturist were Kate Santichen (The_Tiny_Craftress IG) and Kraig Councell from Creative Eye Miniatures. We also presented from our home studio and shared our own latest little project. 

 This was so much fun! 

Meet the Miniaturist with LHL 2.jpg

Lisa Hastreiter-Lamb

The Mini Time Machine


Meet the Miniaturist Lisa Hastreiter-Lamb, executive director and curator at the The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures (TMTM) in Tucson, Arizona.

The Mini Time Machine houses over 500 works ranging from micro miniature sculptures to dollhouses, roomboxes and antiques dating back to the 18th century.

Lisa will take us on a virtual tour of the museum's galleries and talk about how the museum interprets "miniature" in the broadest sense to showcase the diversity of the art form.


Lisa Sones-Peck | Spellbound Miniatures

We met miniaturist Lisa Sones-Peck – Lisa studied art at an early age but ended up working in finance. Also, a plan to build her dream Victorian dollhouse in the 80’s was derailed by work, marriage, children and well…life!  

As early onset of empty nest syndrome began, Lisa’s learned silversmithing and jewelry design.  Ultimately, she landed on making miniatures, inspired by the Cricut Maker and all of the possibilities the little machine has to offer!


Lisa now designs and creates miniatures and sells Cricut templates. She also started a YouTube channel featuring tutorials showing how easy it is to use.


We had a chat with Lisa, learned about her artistic journey and took a peek into how this awesome tool is used to help makers and crafters make miniatures.

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Sheila Shindorf  | Mosaic Mini Mansions

We had a lovely chat with miniaturist and music teacher Sheila Shindorf!  Sheila built her first dollhouse just 10 years ago and she hasn't stopped since! 

Sheila creates dollhouses inspired by art and architecture using a mix of hand-painted elements, decals, jewelry parts and other found objects. Her use of impactful color, design and unexpected materials form fantastical miniature structures which surprise and delight the viewer.

We heard about Sheila's journey over the last decade, took a closer look at some of her more intricate dollhouse designs (including her Blue & White Tea Service dollhouse covered in repurposed broken ceramic tea set parts!) and learned more about how she finds and pulls found pieces together to create her dollhouse designs.

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Small Talk Symposium

Louise Krasniewicz | Thomas Doyle | Darren Scala

Sunday, October 4, 2020

We had our first Small Talk Symposium with author/educator Louise Krasniewicz and contemporary artist Thomas Doyle leading the discussion.

Louise talked about how miniatures create an alternative universe and Thomas talked about miniatures as a form of escapism. Darren introduced a topic as well, talking about miniatures as a pop culture phenomenon. 

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This was a fascinating and informative talk!


May Burnett | May Burnett Miniatures

May Burnett is an arts educator known for her steampunk creations used for cosplay. May also makes tiny things including real miniature food and inch-scaled pottery We’ll get to chat with May, hear all about her latest creations, talk about what inspires her most and and even get a demonstration on how she turns tiny pots on her tiny potter's wheel. You may just come away inspired to make your own miniature pottery!

Kat Picot | Shrunk Magazine

Then we'll chat with Kat Picot! Kat is a miniatures enthusiast with several dollhouses and once worked in a dollhouse shop in England! With a background in digital design and a degree in journalism, Kat combines her passion for miniatures with her skills in writing and design and created SHRUNK, a new dollhouse miniatures (print!) magazine with a fresh new approach on the tiny filled with articles about makers, mini design trends and tutorials. We'll chat with Kat and hear all about her and her new magazine coming this fall!

S1Ep10 image.png

Damien James Webb | Set Designer

Sunday, July 25, 2020  

We met Canadian-based artist and model-maker Damien James Webb! Damien is best known for creating whimsical scale structures inspired by pop culture, television and film.


His first love, however, is theatrical set design. We had a chat with Damien, heard all about his miniature model making and the development of his signature quirky sculptures. We also learned more about his journey back to doing theater work while making sure he left time for making miniatures!


Kaye Browning | KSB Miniatures Collection

Sunday, July 25, 2020  

It was a pleasure to chat with Kaye Browning, curator, collector and founder of The KSB Miniatures Collection in Maysville, Kentucky.

Kaye has one of the most extensive and exquisite miniatures collections ON THE PLANET! and we'll get to chat with her. 


We heard some great stories behind the scale structures she has commissioned over the years and learned about her awe-inspiring collection and what makes her tiny treasures so special.  

There was so much we didn't cover, we would love to have her back!

Screen Shot 2020-07-12 at 9.07.02 AM.png

Darren Scala | D. Thomas Miniatures

Sunday, July 12, 2020 

I was thrilled to host a MEGA Miniature Virtual Tour on Zoom of Nybelwyck Hall, the extraordinary miniature mansion on display at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York.

I shared images and video of the miniature rooms and some of the tiny treasures that fill the house built by Mark O'Banks and described the whimsical story he created of the Van Nybelwyck family who reside in the home.

This was a great way to get to know the dollhouse before seeing it in person at the Museum!


Dagmar Turnidge | Mini Property Developer

Thursday, July 2,2020 

It was a delight to chat with Dagmar Turnidge (@MiniPropertyDeveloper on Instagram) from Melbourne, Australia. After retiring from a career as an educator and dealing with a full on cancer scare a few years ago, she decided to reawaken her passion for art, interior design and miniatures and became an extensive collector and designer of mid-century modern pieces, made mostly in Germany, inspired by her family heritage.

Dagmar has decorated and furnished over 10 dollhouses and numerous room boxes in her home studio. We’ll got to meet Dagmar, hear about her collection, how she goes about acquiring her miniatures and learn about her design philosophy when tackling a mini project.

This was a lot of fun!

Malena Sullivan | The Clay Girl

Check out our chat Zoominar and Meet the Miniaturist Malena Sullivan, The Clay Girl from @TheClayKitchen (Instagram). 

She was inspired to make minis while watching her Italian grandmother cook in the kitchen when growing up in her native Bronx, New York.

We spoke with Malena, heard more about what inspires her, took questions from attendees and even received some tips and tricks for making awesome food miniatures!


Darren Scala

2020 and 2021 Virtual Events

Join Darren Scala, founder of D. Thomas Fine Miniatures, for a special HISTORY OF MINIATURES Zoominar.

Darren will share an informative and entertaining presentation about the BIG world of tiny starting with the early beginnings during the days of the pharaohs in Egypt and through to the modern miniatures movement of today with a focus on this pop cultural phenomenon as a hobby, as an art form and, for some, a lifestyle!

This Zoominar is perfect for the newbie who is just discovering this fascinating world or for the seasoned enthusiasts who may want to be surprised to learn something new!

Participants will be able to ask questions throughout the seminar.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!


Adam Koch | Theatrical Set Designer

Saturday, June 6, 2020

This ZOOMINAR featured set designer and miniaturist Adam Koch from Brooklyn, New York.

Adam creates theatrical environments for stage shows and musicals. He also has a passion for miniatures and started the popular Instagram account @DollhouseTherapy.

We had a casual chat with Adam to learn more about him and his work in theatrical set design, its connection with his interest in miniatures, and we got to hear all about his 30 day challenge to build an awesome 7-room dollhouse during the Covid pandemic lockdown


Louise Krasniewicz 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

We were thrilled to talk with author, educator and miniaturist Louise Krasniewicz.

Work by Louise was featured in several exhibitions in our gallery including BadAss Miniatures and WeeResist. We also had her award winning work, Rear Window, on display.

In our casual chat with Louise as we got to know her a bit better, talk about her work in miniatures, find out what inspires her and especially talk about some of theories about miniatures!


Jimmy Landers 

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Known in collector circles for his small scale detailed structures, Jimmy Landers crafts period houses, general stores and room boxes.

His most impressive work to date, The Sahlberg, is a 9-room cabinet house and an extraordinary example of fine art, design and architecture.

We had a casual chat with Jimmy about his life making miniatures since retiring from a corporate career and we learned a whole lot about  The Salhberg!

Chris Toledo

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Chris Toledo is best known for his work crafting 1/12 scale historically accurate dollhouses and roomboxes. We were thrilled to host him in our virtual studio.

We had a great time chatting with Chris as we got to know the artist, learn more about his work and talk about our favorite topic…miniatures!


Maritza Moran

Saturday, May 9, 2020

With her awesome work creating romantic and swoon-worthy tiny treasures, Maritza Moran is as delightful as she is talented. She has a large and devoted following and her work fills the dollhouses and room boxes of collectors from all around the world. 


Check out our casual chat with Maritza as we got to know the artist, learn more about her beautiful work and talk about the miniatures world!  We’ll also got a bit of the inside scoop and heard about her early days creating miniatures for the Carole and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures in Los Angeles!