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Join us when we connect with awesome miniaturists and register to view our LIVE Zoominar events.  We'll get to know more about these talented artists, collectors, enthusiasts, makers, mini movers and the shakers in our community. 

Join us when we connect with awesome miniaturists and register to view our LIVE Zoominar events.  We'll get to know more about these talented artists, collectors, enthusiasts, makers, mini movers and the shakers in our community.  We'll get to know each guest better, hear about their inspirations, their creative processes and discover more about the contributions they make to the mini world. 

We look forward to bringing you awesome mini events!

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May Burnett | May Burnett Miniatures

Sunday, September 13, 2020  

May Burnett is an arts educator known for her steam punk creations used for cosplay. May also makes tiny things including real miniature food and inch-scaled pottery We’ll get to chat with May, hear all about her latest creations, talk about what inspires her most and and even get a demonstration on how she turns tiny pots on her tiny potter's wheel. You may just come away inspired to make your own miniature pottery!

Kat Picot | Shrunk Magazine

Then we'll chat with Kat Picot! Kat is a miniatures enthusiast with several dollhouses and once worked in a dollhouse shop in England! With a background in digital design and a degree in journalism, Kat combines her passion for miniatures with her skills in writing and design and created SHRUNK, a new dollhouse miniatures (print!) magazine with a fresh new approach on the tiny filled with articles about makers, mini design trends and tutorials. We'll chat with Kat and hear all about her and her new magazine coming this fall!

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Damien James Webb | Set Designer

Sunday, July 25, 2020  

We met Canadian-based artist, model-maker and miniaturist Damien James Webb! Damien is best known for creating whimsical scale structures inspired by pop culture, television and film.


His first love, however, is theatrical set design. We had a chat with Damien, heard all about his miniature model making and the development of his signature quirky sculptures. We also learned more about his journey back to doing theater work while making sure he left time for making miniatures!

This was a load of fun!

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Kaye Browning | KSB Miniatures Collection

Sunday, July 25, 2020  

It was a pleasure to chat with Kaye Browning, curator, collector and founder of The KSB Miniatures Collection in Maysville, Kentucky.

Kaye has one of the most extensive and exquisite miniatures collections ON THE PLANET! and we'll get to chat with her. 


We heard some great stories behind the scale structures she has commissioned over the years and learned about her awe-inspiring collection and what makes her tiny treasures so special.  

There was so much we didn't cover, we would love to have her back!

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Darren Scala | D. Thomas Miniatures

Sunday, July 12, 2020 

I was thrilled to host a MEGA Miniature Virtual Tour on Zoom of Nybelwyck Hall, the extraordinary miniature mansion on display at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers, New York.

I shared images and video of the miniature rooms and some of the tiny treasures that fill the house built by Mark O'Banks and described the whimsical story he created of the Van Nybelwyck family who reside in the home.

This is a great way to get to know the dollhouse before seeing it in person at the Museum!

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Dagmar Turnidge | Mini Property Developer

Thursday, July 2,2020 

It was a delight to chat with Dagmar Turnidge (@MiniPropertyDeveloper on Instagram) from Melbourne, Australia. After retiring from a career as an educator and dealing with a full on cancer scare a few years ago, she decided to reawaken her passion for art, interior design and miniatures and became an extensive collector and designer of mid-century modern pieces, made mostly in Germany, inspired by her family heritage.

Dagmar has decorated and furnished over 10 dollhouses and numerous room boxes in her home studio. We’ll got to meet Dagmar, hear about her collection, how she goes about acquiring her miniatures and learn about her design philosophy when tackling a mini project.

This was a lot of fun!

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Malena Sullivan | The Clay Girl

Saturday, June 20, 2020

Check out our chat Zoominar and Meet the Miniaturist Malena Sullivan, The Clay Girl from @TheClayKitchen (Instagram). 

Malena is a self-taught artist and at just 16 years old has been making incredible inch-scaled polymer clay food creations for half of her young life!

She was inspired to make minis while watching her Italian grandmother cook in the kitchen when growing up in her native Bronx, New York.

We spoke with Malena, heard more about what inspires her, took questions from attendees and even received some tips and tricks for making awesome food miniatures!


Darren Scala

Date and Time to Be Announced!

Join Darren Scala, founder of D. Thomas Fine Miniatures, for a special HISTORY OF MINIATURES Zoominar.

Darren will share an informative and entertaining presentation about the BIG world of tiny starting with the early beginnings during the days of the pharaohs in Egypt and through to the modern miniatures movement of today with a focus on this pop cultural phenomenon as a hobby, as an art form and, for some, a lifestyle!

This Zoominar is perfect for the newbie who is just discovering this fascinating world or for the seasoned enthusiasts who may want to be surprised to learn something new!

Participants will be able to ask questions throughout the seminar.  We look forward to seeing everyone there!


Adam Koch | Theatrical Set Designer

Saturday, June 6, 2020

 Our latest ZOOMINAR featured set designer and miniaturist Adam Koch from Brooklyn, New York.

Adam creates theatrical environments for stage shows and musicals. He also has a passion for miniatures and started the popular Instagram account @DollhouseTherapy.

We had a casual chat with Adam to learn more about him and his work in theatrical set design, its connection with his interest in miniatures, and we got to hear all about his 30 day challenge to build an awesome 7-room dollhouse during the Covid pandemic lockdown.



Louise Krasniewicz 

Saturday, May 30, 2020

We were thrilled to talk with author, educator and miniaturist Louise Krasniewicz.

Work by Louise was featured in several exhibitions in our gallery including BadAss Miniatures and WeeResist. We also had her award winning work, Rear Window, on display.

In our casual chat with Louise as we got to know her a bit better, talk about her work in miniatures, find out what inspires her and especially talk about some of theories about miniatures!


Jimmy Landers 

Saturday, May 23, 2020

Known in collector circles for his small scale detailed structures, Jimmy Landers crafts period houses, general stores and room boxes.

His most impressive work to date, The Sahlberg, is a 9-room cabinet house and an extraordinary example of fine art, design and architecture.

We had a casual chat with Jimmy about his life making miniatures since retiring from a corporate career and we learned a whole lot about  The Salhberg!


Chris Toledo

Saturday, May 16, 2020

Chris Toledo is best known for his work crafting 1/12 scale historically accurate dollhouses and roomboxes. We were thrilled to host him in our virtual studio.

We had a great time chatting with Chris as we got to know the artist, learn more about his work and talk about our favorite topic…miniatures!


Maritza Moran

Saturday, May 9, 2020

With her awesome work creating romantic and swoon-worthy tiny treasures, Maritza Moran is as delightful as she is talented. She has a large and devoted following and her work fills the dollhouses and room boxes of collectors from all around the world. 


Check out our casual chat with Maritza as we got to know the artist, learn more about her beautiful work and talk about the miniatures world!  We’ll also got a bit of the inside scoop and heard about her early days creating miniatures for the Carole and Barry Kaye Museum of Miniatures in Los Angeles!



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