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Annelle Ferguson Honored at Guild School

The iconic and talented miniaturist and IGMA Fellow Member Annelle Ferguson was honored at the 2023 Guild School Student Art Exhibition in June 9-16, 2023

The annual student art exhibit event was planned and hosted by IGMA President Audrey Tripp.

Ms. Tripp organized a number of Annelle's students to bring work they had done in Annelle's classes to put on display in the show. This information was kept secret from Annelle until she arrived at the show to see all her student's work on display.

This is the largest assortment of Petite Point needlework on display at time that I have ever seen.

Work included embroidered caskets, samplers, upholstered chairs and framed pieces.

It was a terrific way of honoring someone who has contributed so much to the world of fine art miniatures.

And a great way to showcase all of the wonderful work by her as well as the students who have studied from her.

Great job Annelle and congratulations on your honor!



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